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TENORM and Exploration and Production Waste Management Policy Development Stakeholder Meetings


The Solid Waste program hosted stakeholder meetings to develop policy for the disposal and beneficial use of exploration and production wastes.  The policy will be a part of a larger Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occuring Radioactive Material (TENORM) policy that the Radiation Control Program is developing. 


Future stakeholder meetings will be announced after the Radiation Control Program TENORM policy is finalized.


  Current TENORM Policy and Guidance


Stakeholder Meeting Documents

Current Unrestricted Use Concentrations for Produced Water pdf file  (September 2013)

Evapotranspiration Maps pdf file

Beneficial Use or Produced Water Flowchart and Questions pdf file  (August 2013)


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Contact David Snapp at (303) 692-3425 or cdphe_eandpbeneficialuse@state.co.us if you have any questions regarding the meetings.