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Law Enforcement Grant Fund


2013 - 2014 Law Enforcement Grant Fund


The Colorado General Assembly passed legislation in 2010 (HB 10-1018), 25-17-207(4), C.R.S., to provide grant funding to state and local governments for waste tire enforcement activities, waste tire fire prevention and suppression activities, waste tire training and educational programs, and the oversight of waste tire facilities.  The legislation authorizes funds be made available to county sheriffs, the state patrol, police departments, fire departments, and local health departments as a financial incentive to establish or maintain waste tire related activities.


The Law Enforcement Grant Fund can provide funds to eligible agencies on a cost reimbursement basis for projects, activities, or services that address waste tire enforcement, waste tire fire prevention and suppression, waste tire training or educational programs, or the oversight of waste tire facilities.


To obtain more information, please call Shana Baker at 303-692-3305, or email cdphe.hmwastetires@state.co.us