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Generator Assistance Program

The Generator Assistance Program (GAP) provides businesses with free onsite technical assistance and information on Colorado's hazardous waste regulations.  The program's three primary objectives are:


  1. To provide onsite assistance to you in understanding and implementing the hazardous waste regulations.  The Division believes this onsite feedback can be very effective in giving you specific information directly applicable to your operations.
  2. To develop tools that make hazarous waste compliance easier for you.  The Division has an extensive online library of hazardous waste guidance documents and policies available 24 hours a day. We also conduct many workshops around Colorado each year on hazardous waste regulatory requirements.  Additional guidance and templates have been added based on feedback from GAP and workshop participants.
  3. To provide advice to you on pollution prevention and waste minimization alternatives that may save you money.  Working with you at your facility, we may be able to identify opportunities for more efficient production, opportunities for energy savings or opportunities for you to incorporate more environmentally friendly raw materials.


Generator Assistance Program Brochure pdf file

The onsite GAP visit will be as short and efficient as possible.  Depending on the size and complexity of your facility, the visit may take between one and four hours.  However, the more we see, the more help we can give you.  Generally, we will want to walk through your facility with you, tour your production processes and waste generation areas and view your hazardous waste management and storage.


At the conclusion of the site tour, we will sit down with you and explain our findings - those things that you are doing right and those things you need to do better.  We will explain options you have for regaining complete compliance and work with you on a schedule for correcting any deficiencies.  In addition, we will explain any waste minimization and pollution prevention opportunities that you may have, and point you in a direction to further exploit those opportunities.


Any compliance deficiencies noted during the GAP site visit will not result in any enforcement action.  This is our effort to help you comply.  The only exception is if your facility is currently causing imminent and substantial endangerment to public health or the environment through mismanagement of hazardous wastes.

Review the pre-visit questionnaire to get a clear idea what we'll be asking and what we'll be looking for.  Once you've had a chance to review the questionnaire, call the Generator Assistance Program coordinator at 303-692-3415 (1888-569-1831 ext 3415 toll-free outside 303/720 area code) to schedule an onsite GAP visit.  The GAP visit will be scheduled at your convenience.


You will benefit the most from the pre-visit questionnaire and onsite visit if you take the time to do a little homework ahead of time and really think through the questions and how they may or may not apply to your facility.  Explore our online guidance documents and policies.


Note:  If you only have one or two questions and do not want or need an onsite visit, please call our Customer Technical Assistance line at 303-692-3320 (1-888-569-1831 ext. 3320 toll-free outside the 303/720 area code) or email comments.hmwmd@state.co.us .


Generator Assistance Program Pre-Visit Questionnaire pdf file

Guidance and Policy Documents