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X-Ray and Mammography Unit


The safety and accuracy of x-ray producing machines is the prime concern of the x-ray and mammography certification program. Department staff endeavor to protect public health through staff education and inspection of facilities that provide testing services. Various state regulations and federal regulations by contract are administered through the X-ray Certification program.


X-ray facilities are regulated according to requirements described in the Department Rules and Regulations Pertaining to Regulation Control. The focus of these rules is to prevent human exposure to unnecessary radiation. The state rules are based on federal and professional standards.


X-ray machines must be evaluated by private inspectors, termed Qualified Inspectors (QI), who are approved by the X-ray Certification program. Machine evaluations occur every 1-3 years, depending on use and potential risk. The Qualified Inspector affixes a blue metallic label to each machine after it passes inspection. The label shows the expiration date, and the date when the next inspection is due. The QI reports the machine evaluations to the Certification program. When facilities fail to repair a failed machine or fail to obtain timely inspection, they are contacted and followed to assure compliance is gained.


Mammography facilities are evaluated on an annual basis by program inspectors. The inspections performed are based on federal Food ad Drug Administration (FDA) requirements, known as the Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA).