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About this Program

Steve Tarlton, Program Manager


This program oversees radioactive materials, radiation-producing machines and radon.



The Radiation Management Unit regulates facilities that process, use, store, transport or dispose of radioactive materials in order to ensure that radioactive materials are managed appropriately. The unit also licenses nuclear medicine and radiology offices and linear accelerators, inspects research facilities, oversees the use of density gauges, tracks all devices that contain sealed sources, and acts as first responder if there is a release of radioactive materials.


Jennifer Opila, Radiation Management Unit Leader


The X-Ray and Mammography Unit regulates and assures the safety of all x-ray and mammography machines and centers. This group certifies inspectors that annually check and certify the function of all x-ray machines. Members of the group also inspect all mammography centers in the state.


Brian Vamvakias, X-Ray and Mammography Unit Leader


The Uranium Projects Workgroup conducts comprehensive technical reviews of applications and oversees radioactive materials licensing for uranium mills in the state under the Colorado Radiation Control Act and an agreement between the Governor and the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). This oversight is designed to ensure protection of both public health and the environment and encompasses a wide range of regulatory, technical, scientific and socioeconomic factors.



The Radon Outreach Program works with local agencies to perform radon evaluations in homes and buildings. The program also responds to inquiries about radon from the public by providing written information and public presentations.