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Environmental Records Search

Environmental Records Search is a service offered by the Hazardous Materials and Waste Management Division for a fee to search division databases for sites within a set radius of a site of interest. The record search looks through our databases for known or reported regulated events at or in the vicinity of a specified property. The record search contains no evaluation of the potential environmental impact to the site, nor does the report generated constitute a Phase I Environmental Assessment of the property. Further, the absence of information on a particular parcel or property does not necessarily mean that there are no problems connected with the property.


Please contact the Records Center to request an environmental record search. Requests can be submitted in writing by letter, fax or email, or by telephone.


All requests must include the following information:


Company name
Requester's name
Requester's telephone number
Address to mail report
Address to bill (if different)       




Site name or residing company for requested site
Street address
City, zip code, county
Aliases, if any
Geographic coordinates or Township/Range/Section for rural areas
Copy of a map showing requested site, if located outside the Denver area 



We search databases noted below for the address/property name and the set radius of the requested property you have supplied.


  • Methane gas study (1979)

  • Investigation of Methane Gas Hazards (1981 Denver Metro)

  • CERCLIS (Superfund) & ARCHIVE LIST (No further remedial action planned)

  • Solid Waste (current or open landfills)

  • Historical Solid Waste (closed or abandoned landfills)

  • UMTRA (Uranium Mill Tailings Remedial Action Sites and Vicinity Properties)

  • NPL (Superfund/Remediation)

  • RCRA (Resource Conservation and Recovery Act) Generators list

  • RCRA TSD list (Treatment, Storage, And Disposal Facilities) l mile search

  • VCRA (Voluntary Cleanup and Redevelopment Act)