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Household Tires

Save for Collection


Most consumers dispose of their used tires when they purchase new tires.  A $1.50 tire disposal fee must be collected by the tire retailer when a new tire is purchased.  The fee is required by Title 25, Article 17 Part 202(2)(a).  The retailer may charge more than the state-required fee, but they must not claim state law requires more than $1.50 per new tire.


Since 2007, landfills can no longer accept waste tires from households for disposal unless the resident can demonstrate that they live in an area with no viable alternatives available.  Where available, tires can be taken to a tire retailer or wholesaler, a tire collection facility, a recycling facility engaged in tire collection, recycling or end use or a household hazardous waste event or facility that accepts them.  These facilities may charge a per tire fee for disposal.


These procedures are intended for small quantities of waste tires from a household only.