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Colorado Citizens' Advisory Commission (CO-CAC)


About the Colorado Citizens' Advisory Commission pdf file

Proposed Citizens' Advisory Commission Meeting Dates for 2014 pdf file  


Meeting Minutes

The list that follows includes finalized meeting minutes.  Minutes are not posted here until the
Citizens' Advisory Commission has approved them.  For previous meeting minutes, or the
status of unposted minutes, please contact:


Ms. Jeannine Natterman
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
4300 Cherry Creek Drive South
Denver, CO  80246-1530
(W) 303-692-3303, Toll Free Outside the Denver Metro Area:  888-569-1831 ext 3303



Colorado Chemical Demilitarization Citizens' Advisory Commission Roster


Local Appointed Members


Ms. Irene Kornelly, Chair
1602 Clemson Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80909
(H) 719-591-5157
(C) 719-330-2359
FAX: 719-591-1305


Hon. Jeff Chostner
Pueblo County Commissioner
215 W. 10th Street
Pueblo, CO 81003
(W) 719-583-6535
(H) 719-545-4048
FAX: 719-583-4908


Kenneth Griffin
4735 Katahdin Lane
Pueblo, CO  81004
(H) 719-676-3411
(W) 719-5618000, ext. 16
Mr. Terry Hart, Vice Chair
29685 Hegler Court
Pueblo, CO 81006
(H) 719-948-0071
(W) 719-583-6050
FAX: 719-583-6666


Mr. John Thatcher
1000 I.L. Road
Boone, CO 81025
(H) 719-947-3672
(W) 719-542-4225
FAX 719-947-3672


Mr. Ross Vincent
Sierra Club
140 W. 29th Street, #348
Pueblo, CO 81008
(H & W) 719-561-3117
Fax: 415-946-3442


State Appointed Members


Mr. Joe Schieffelin
Solid and Hazardous Waste Program Manager
Hazardous Materials and Waste Mgt Division
CO Dept of Public Health and Environment
4300 Cherry Creek Drive South
Denver, CO 80246-1530
(W) 303-692-3356
Toll-free (888) 569-1831 ext 3356
Mr. Aaron Serna
Policy Advisory
Governor's Office of Policy and Initiatives
136 State Capitol Building
Denver, CO 80203
(W) 303-866-4919











Support Personnel


Chief Mark Mears
Bureau Chief
Pueblo County Sheriff's Office Emergency Services
320 West 10th St, B1
Pueblo, CO 81003-2995
(W) 719-583-6201
FAX 719-583-6218


Ms. Lori Waters
Public Affairs Officer, Pueblo Chemical Depot
45825 Highway 96 East
Pueblo, CO 81006-9330
(W) 719-549-4135
FAX 719-549-4866 
Lt. Col. Michael Quinn
Commander, Pueblo Chemical Depot
45825 Highway 96 East
Pueblo, CO 81006-9330
(W) 719-549-4141
FAX: 719-549-4617



Important Links


Pueblo Chemical AgentDestruction Pilot Plant Program


Pueblo Chemical Depot RCRA Hazardous Waste Storage Permit 





Note:  The Public Comment Period for the Explosive Destruction System is open from October 25 through December 27.  Because it is not a modification to the the PCAPP RD&D permit it is located on the Class 3 Permit Modification to the Pueblo Chemical Depot Hazardous Waste Permit web page.  Look for the Explosive Destruction System drop-down menu.


EDS - How It Supports PCAPP pdf file            EDS - How It Supports PCAPP Fact Sheet pdf file


Draft Class 2 Permit Modifications Currently Available for Public Review and Comment:


October 18, 2013  This public comment period is open from October 18 through December 17.  A public meeting to discuss this modification request will be held November 13, 2013 at 2:00pm at the Pueblo District Attorney's Office, 700 Court Street in Pueblo.


Modification #35: 

Leak Detection System pdf file   


Modification #51: Pilot Test Demonstration Plan

Public Notice pdf file   

Permit Modification Request pdf file   

Pilot Test Demonstration Plan pdf file   

Appendix A pdf file   

Appendix B pdf file  

Odor Management Plan pdf file  

Laboratory Sampling and Analysis Plan for Pilot Test Demonstration - Part 1 pdf file  

Laboratory Sampling and Analysis Plan for Pilot Test Demonstration - Part 2 pdf file  

COPCs, Waste Components and Process Efficiency Indicators for Each Test Block pdf file  

Sampling Design pdf file  

HD Air Sampling Plan pdf file  

Appendices D-F, Enclosure 4 pdf file