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Contact this Program

Customer Technical Assistance Line:  303-692-3320
1-888-569-1831 ext 3320 toll-free outside Denver 303/720 area code
8 am - 12 pm M-F excluding state holidays


Email: comments.hmwmd@state.co.us 

Name Telephone Title/Function

Jerry Henderson 


Unit Leader

Doug Ikenberry 



John O'Rourke



Brian Long 


Inspections and Asbestos-Contaminated Soil

Cindy Smith












Compliance Assurance Staff Assignments Map pdf file  

Name Telephone Title/Function
Roger Doak 303-692-3437 Unit Leader
Larry Bruskin 303-692-3384 Permitting
Jace Driver 303-691-4059 Permitting
Doug Eagleton 303-691-4065 Permitting
Eric Jacobs 303-692-3430 Permitting
Robert Peterson 970-248-7151 Permitting
Andy Todd 303-691-4049 Permitting








Permitting Staff Assignments Map pdf file   

Name Telephone Title/Function
Shana Baker 303-692-3305 Waste Tires and Waste Grease
Nick Boudreau 303-692-3459  
Brian Gaboriau 303-692-2097 Waste Tire Grants, Processor/End User Program
Wolf Kray 303-692-3337 Recycling and Materials Management
David Snapp 303-692-3425 Materials Management and Beneficial Use






Name Telephone Title/Function
Ed Smith 303-692-3386 Unit Leader
Caren Johannes 303-692-3347 Compliance Assistance
Kristine Figur 303-692-3365 Regulations and Case Development
Kathy Hotovec 303-692-3343 Compliance Assistance Lead
Randy Perila 303-692-3364 Regulations and Case Development


This unit works with other division programs to promote compliance through workshops, regulatory guidance and written interpretations, to ensure consistent enforcement actions are taken when appropriate and to develop regulations as needed. 


Name Telephone Title/Function
Charles Johnson 303-692-3348 Program Manager
Jennifer Hanke 303-692-3408 Data Management