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Electronic Waste Management From Your Home

The state strongly encourages households to recycle their old computers and other electronic equipment, but they are not required to do so. And unlike businesses, households may choose to dispose of their waste electronic equipment in the trash. If disposed of in a landfill, however, harmful chemicals could leach out of this waste and contaminate the soil and groundwater. Few landfills are willing to accept waste electronics and many trash disposal companies will not take them if left out with regular trash. Many residents prefer to manage their unwanted household electronics in an environmentally responsible manner, and are willing to pay a reasonable fee to ensure recycling of these materials. 


Recycling Options for Households:


Many communities in Colorado have held, and may again offer, collection events for unwanted electronic equipment. To see if any such events are scheduled for your area, contact your local city or county solid waste official or county commissioner's office.

Several major manufacturers of computers and other electronics are offering consumers recycling and reuse alternatives for their products. Check the website of your computer's manufacturer for information about its recycling services. Some local retailers may act as agents for computer manufacturers' trade-in/upgrade programs, so check with your retailer before purchasing a new computer to see if they will accept your old one for recycling.

When selecting a recycler, consider what the recycler will do with your old computer, cost, privacy concerns and environmental impact. 



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