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Electronics Waste Management For Business, Government, Institutions and Industry

Analytical data show that waste electronics consistently exceed the regulatory limits for heavy metals like lead, cadmium, and mercury, so disposal of these wastes from non-residential sources is regulated as hazardous waste in Colorado. Colorado regulations prohibit non-residential entities from disposing of ANY hazardous waste in solid waste landfills in the state. This waste may be sent to a legitimate electronics recycler or must be disposed of at a permitted hazardous waste disposal facility. 


Electronics Recyclers

Colorado strongly encourages (but does not require) the reuse, refurbishment, or disassembly for materials recovery (collectively called “recycling”) of end-of-life computer equipment instead of disposal.



Manufacturer's Recycling Programs

Several major manufacturers of computers and other electronics offer their business customers recycling and take-back alternatives for their products. Some equipment suppliers may act as agents for computer manufacturers' trade-in/upgrade programs so talk with your supplier or check the website of your computer's manufacturer for information about its recycling services.

There are alternatives to managing an organization's electronic equipment that start when purchasing new equipment.


  • Repair instead of replace.

  • Buy durable, upgradeable, eco-friendly equipment.

  • Require dealer or manufacturer take-back up front.

  • Lease equipment.  



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