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About this Program

 Joe Schieffelin, Solid and Hazardous Waste Program Manager 


The Hazardous Waste Program ensures compliance with State regulations for the proper management and disposal of  hazardous wastes.



The Hazardous Waste Compliance Assurance Unit conducts compliance inspections at facilities that generate hazardous waste or are permitted hazardous waste treatment, storage and/or disposal facilities. During each inspection, compliance with the Colorado Hazardous Waste Regulations is evaluated through a site tour where waste generation and management activities are observed, followed by a review of pertinent documents. Enforcement actions are taken when appropriate. This unit also routinely investigates complaints alleging mismanagement of hazardous waste and provides extensive compliance assistance through trainings conducted around Colorado and through the Generator Assistance Program (GAP). 


Kathryn Stewart, Compliance Assurance Unit Leader 


Generator Assistance Program (GAP)


The Hazardous Waste Corrective Action Unit oversees corrective action (hazardous waste cleanup) activities at facilities where the unauthorized treatment, storage or disposal of hazardous wastes have resulted in a release to the environment. Unit staff review workplans for compliance and technical adequacy before the cleanup work can begin, then monitor the activities to assure the proper characterization, management, and treatment or disposal of wastes. Clean-ups at these sites may be performed under the approval of the unit either through voluntary mechanisms, such as Corrective Action Plans (CAPs) or through enforcement mechanisms, such as Compliance Orders. 


Note:  Oversight of hazardous waste remediation activities at most federal sites is the responsibility of the Federal Facilities Unit in the Remediation Program.  


Walter Avramenko, Corrective Action Unit Leader

The Hazardous Waste Permitting Unit reviews hazardous waste permits at non-federal facilities and oversees the United States Army's program to destroy the assembled chemical weapons stored at Pueblo Chemical Depot


To ensure that hazardous wastes are managed appropriately, hazardous waste permits are issued for the treatment, storage, and disposal of hazardous waste.  Permit applications are reviewed for regulatory compliance and completeness before a permit is issued. The permit applicant may also be required to properly characterize, manage and dispose of wastes that may have been released into the environment at the facility. This is done through the corrective action portion of the permit. A generator of hazardous waste is not required to have a hazardous waste permit unless the wastes are also treated, stored and/or disposed of by the generator.  If the generator has a release of hazardous waste to the environment, however, they are subject to corrective action requirements.


Doug Knappe, Permitting Unit Leader

The Compliance Coordination and Assistance Unit provides technical and regulatory assistance in unusual or time-critical projects that are not otherwise overseen by other Division programs. Compliance assistance aids the regulated community, local governments, and the public in understanding the importance of the requirements and the advantages to all by promoting lower operating costs, lower contamination clean-up costs, lower penalties, and increased community acceptance. It also fosters communication between industry and regulators and provides a means for establishing common-sense approaches to regulation. This is accomplished by providing technical workshops, developing fact sheets and other educational materials, and providing technical assistance to the regulated community and the general public through oral and written communications. 


Ed Smith, Compliance Coordination and Assistance Unit Leader