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Contact this Program

Customer Technical Assistance Line:  303-692-3320
1-888-569-1831 ext 3320 toll-free outside Denver 303/720 area code
8 am - 12 pm M-F excluding state holidays


Email: comments.hmwmd@state.co.us 

Name Telephone Title/Function
Kathryn Stewart 303-692-3307 Unit Leader
Derek Boer 303-692-3329 Inspections, Generator Assistance Program
David Foster 303-692-3372 Inspections
Daniel Goetz 303-692-3341 Inspections, Health Care
Laura Gurule 303-692-3360 Data Management, Notification Coordinator
Amy Williams 303-692-3461 Inspections, Self-certification
Beth Williams 303-692-3429 Inspections


This unit conducts inspections at facilities that generate or transport hazardous waste or are permitted hazardous waste treatment, storage and/or disposal facilities to ensure they achieve and maintain regulatory compliance.  This unit also investigates complaints alleging mismanagement of hazardous waste . 


Name Telephone Title/Function
Walter Avramenko 303-692-3362 Unit Leader
Charles Adams 303-692-3310 Project Coordinator
Rob Beierle 303-692-3368 Project Coordinator
Colleen Brisnehan 303-692-3357 Project Coordinator
Rick Mruz 303-692-3332 Project Coordinator
Carl Spreng 303-692-3358 Rocky Flats Coordinator
David Walker 303-692-3354 Project Coordinator


This unit oversees cleanup activities at facilities where the unauthorized treatment, storage or disposal of hazardous waste has resulted in a release to the environment. Unit staff review workplans for compliance and technical adequacy before the cleanup work can begin, then monitor activities to ensure that proper characterization, management, and treatment or disposal of wastes occurs.


Name Telephone Title/Function
Doug Knappe 303-692-3414 Unit Leader
James Hindman 303-692-3345 PCAPP Permitting and Inspections
Kevin Mackey 303-692-3426 PCAPP Permitting and Inspections
Marian O'Connor 303-692-3352 Chemist
Tanell Roberts 303-692-3355 Hazardous Waste Permitting
Jared Torstenson 303-692-3451 PCAPP Permitting and Inspections
Clayton Trumpolt 303-692-3460 PCAPP Permitting and Inspections


This unit reviews / issues hazardous waste permits at non-federal facilities and oversees the United States Army's program to destroy the assembled chemical weapons stored at Pueblo Chemical Depot


Name Telephone Title/Function
Ed Smith 303-692-3386 Unit Leader
Caren Johannes 303-692-3347 Compliance Assistance
Kristine Figur 303-692-3365 Regulations and Case Development
Kathy Hotovec 303-692-3343 Compliance Assistance Lead
Randy Perila 303-692-3364 Regulations and Case Development


This unit works with other division programs to promote compliance through workshops, regulatory guidance and written interpretations, to ensure consistent enforcement actions are taken when appropriate and to develop regulations as needed. 


Name Telephone Title/Function
Joe Schieffelin 303-692-3356 Hazardous Waste Program Manager