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Colorado Medical Cache

Frequently asked questions


Cache items in warehouse

What is the Colorado Medical Cache – Western Slope (CMC-WS)?

In 2012, the CMC-WS switched from the Western Slope Cache to the Colorado Medical Cache and became a State asset. It continues is managed by the Mesa County Health Department.


The CMC-WS is a statewide medical surge capacity cache that pre-positions personal protective equipment and durable medical supplies which can be utilized by area healthcare systems involved in emergency medical care.

Since it became a State asset in 2012, all material contained in the cache is available by request to all counties throughout Colorado. The Cache is stored in a secure, temperature and environmentally controlled warehouse appropriate for storage of patient care supplies and healthcare worker personal protective equipment that can be accessed by authorized personnel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


The Cache is one part of an emergency supply system developed in Western Colorado to ensure that required medical supplies are available and accessible in a timely manner in the event of large scale medical crisis.


What supplies are stored in the CMC-WS?

Medical warehouse supplies available pdf file  


How are resources allocated? 

In 2009, an allocation spreadsheet was developed that calculated supply and pallet quantities, square footage and cubic footage by county. While allocation totals may used as a reference by the requesting entity, resources will be distributed on a case by case basis.


How do you request CMC-WS resources? 

Local to state request process

Emergency Operations Center is activated (all requests must start at the local level)

  • Local Public Health/ESF-8 Lead contacts the Local Emergency Operations Center

  • Local Emergency Operations Center contacts the State Emergency Operations Center.

  • Assigned to ESF-8 Desk within the State Emergency Operations Center.

  • CDPHE ESF-8 lead at the SEOC or a designee will make contact with the requester. (The process is then reversed when the request is filled keeping everyone informed and closing the loop).


Emergency Operations Center is not activated

  • Facility/Agency contact your Local Public Health/ESF-8 Lead.

  • Local Public Health/ESF-8 Lead will contact CDPHE-EPR by calling the 24/7 Emergency Response and Incident Reporting Line at 1-877-518-5608.


Resource request for exercises, drills, trainings, etc.


In an effort to increase our support and partnership with our local ESF-8, the CMC-WS may be able to donate expired or expiring supplies for emergency preparedness related exercises and/or drills etc. For a current list of available supplies, questions about receiving supplies or other cache related questions please contact Kristen Campos.


Who is responsible for shipping costs?

Any shipping costs must be paid for by the requesting agency/facility.


Contact information

Kristen Campos

Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment

Office of Emergency Preparedness & Response