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Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment | Emergency Medical and Trauma Services

Military Exemptions for Colorado EMS Provider Certification


Colorado House Bill 12-1059, which became effective on July 1, 2012, contains provisions that may exempt military personnel and/or their spouses from certain EMS provider certification requirements including:


  • EMS Provider reciprocity for members of the armed forces and their spouses residing in Colorado who hold a valid EMS Provider license or certificate from another state or U.S. jurisdiction. Colorado state requirements for fingerprint-based criminal history checks and documentation of lawful presence in the United States will remain unchanged.


  • Waiver of certain renewal requirements (continuing education, CPR and ACLS if applicable) for individuals called to federally-funded active duty for 120 days to serve in a war, emergency or contingency. This applies to EMS Provider certificates that expire during the service or up to 6 months after the completion of the service.


  • Recognition of continuing education provided to members of the armed forces for certification renewal purposes.


Please contact the EMS Provider certification unit at 303-692-2980 or cdphe.emtcert@state.co.us for more information regarding eligibility and documentation requirements for these exemptions.