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Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment | Emergency Medical and Trauma Services

Statewide Data Collection


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As far as the EMS Dataset part of this project is concerned, Colorado is collecting the 67 National-Level Elements indicated in the NHTSA 2.2 Data Dictionary.


  • E 01_01 Patient Care Report Number
  • E01_02 Software Creator
  • E01_03 Software Name
  • E01_04 Software Version
  • E02_01 EMS Agency Number
  • E02_04 Type of Service Requested
  • E02_05 Primary Role of the Unit
  • E02_06 Type of Dispatch Delay
  • E02_07 Type of Response Delay
  • E02_08 Type of Scene Delay
  • E02_09 Type of Transport Delay
  • E02_10 Type of Turn-Around Delay
  • E02_12 EMS Unit Call Sign (Radio Number)
  • E02_20 Response Mode to Scene
  • E03_01 Complaint Reported by Dispatch
  • E03_02 EMD Performed
  • E05_02 PSAP Call Date/Time
  • E05_04 Unit Notified by Dispatch Date/Time
  • E05_05 Unit En Route Date/Time
  • E05_06 Unit Arrived on Scene Date/Time
  • E05_07 Arrived at Patient Date/Time
  • E05_09 Unit Left Scene Date/Time
  • E05_10 Patient Arrived at Destination Date/Time
  • E05_11 Unit Back in Service Date/Time
  • E05_13 Unit Back at Home Location Date/Time
  • E06_08 Patient's Home Zip Code
  • E06_11 Gender
  • E06_12 Race
  • E06_13 Ethnicity
  • E06_14 Age
  • E06_15 Age Units
  • E07_01 Primary Method of Payment
  • E07_34 CMS Service Level
  • E07_35 Condition Code Number
  • E08_05 Number of Patients at Scene
  • E08_06 Mass Casualty Incident
  • E08_07 Incident Location Type
  • E08_15 Incident ZIP Code
  • E09_01 Prior Aid
  • E09_02 Prior Aid Performed by
  • E09_03 Outcome of the Prior Aid
  • E09_04 Possible Injury
  • E09_11 Chief Complaint Anatomic Location
  • E09_12 Chief Complaint Organ System
  • E09_13 Primary Symptom
  • E09_14 Other Associated Symptoms
  • E09_15 Providers Primary Impression
  • E09_16 Provider’s Secondary Impression
  • E10_01 Cause of Injury
  • E11_01 Cardiac Arrest
  • E11_02 Cardiac Arrest Etiology
  • E11_03 Resuscitation Attempted
  • E12_01 Barriers to Patient Care
  • E12_19 Alcohol/Drug Use Indicators
  • E18_03 Medication Given
  • E18_08 Medication Complication
  • E19_03 Procedure
  • E19_05 Number of Procedure Attempts
  • E19_06 Procedure Successful
  • E19_07 Procedure Complication
  • E20_07 Destination Zip Code
  • E20_10 Incident/Patient Disposition
  • E20_14 Transport Mode from Scene
  • E20_16 Reason for Choosing Destination
  • E20_17 Type of Destination
  • E22_01 Emergency Department Disposition
  • E22_02 Hospital Disposition




Data Collection Advisories for 2012 



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