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Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment | Emergency Medical and Trauma Services

Overview of Colorado's Emergency Medical Services Providers

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment certifies entry level competency of EMS Providers for the State of Colorado. EMS Providers in Colorado can be certified at one of four different levels: EMT, Advanced EMT, EMT Intermediate and Paramedic. Certification is based on successful completion of a recognized education course, National Registry of Emergency Medical Technician certification, and an application process including a fingerprint-based criminal history record check.

What is an EMS Provider?

Emergency medical services providers are used to staff first response units and ambulances, and may work in acute care settings such as hospitals and clinics. EMS Providers are allowed to perform medical acts as delegated by a Colorado Medical Director. All EMS Providers administering patient care in Colorado are required to have a Medical Director who directs how and where an EMS Provider may practice. Medical Directors are physicians licensed by the Colorado Medical Board. The scopes of practice for EMS Providers are set forth in the Rules Pertaining to EMS Practice and Medical Oversight. More information on the role of the Medical Director can be found on the Medical Direction page.
Certified EMS Providers in Colorado

Total persons certified in Colorado as of June 2011

  • 12,333 certified EMT
  • 650 certified EMT-Intermediates
  • 3,419 certified Paramedics