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Training for Retail Food Handlers and Inspectors


Online Training for the 2013 Revisions to the Retail Food Regulations

For Food Handlers:

StateFoodSafety.com is offering an online training for food handlers.  By taking this training, food handlers will learn the basics of safe food handling in the workplace as they are presented with activities that will allow them to respond to scenarios they may encounter in the workplace.  The fee is $10 and the training can be accessed hereThis training meets the requirements needed for the Cottage Foods Law.



For Retail Food Inspectors:

The state's Retail Food Program is dedicated to providing the training and resources needed to ensure that Colorado's food safety inspectors are equipped with the knowledge and resources needed to inspect and assist restaurants in providing safe food for the citizens of Colorado.  Annual training courses are provided to state and local food safety inspectors that address many of the hot topics and training needs that have been identified for the year.