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Interpretive Memos Clarifying Retail Food Regulations

Retail Food Interpretive Memos


Below is a listing of current and re-issued Interpretive Memos for the July 1, 2013 Colorado Retail Food Establishment Rules and Regulations. 


Previous interpretive memos and their disposition.


14-01 Licensing of Retail Food Service Operations in Wilderness Locations pdf file  

14-02 Time As a Public Health Control (Wendy's) pdf file

14-03 Allowable Quaternary Ammonia (QA) Sanitizer Concentration Levels pdf file  

14-04 Retail Food Licensing Requirements pdf file  

14-05 Meritech CleanTech ELF Automated Handwashing System pdf file

14-06 HACCP Plan Approval for Specialized Food Processing Methods pdf file  

14-07 Ambient Temperature Holding of Sushi Rice Produced From Standarized Recipes pdf file  

14-08 Determining "Approved Source" for Raw, Uncut Fruits and Vegetables pdf file  

Safe Food Handling Guidelines pdf file

14-09 Special Accomodations for Seizure Detecting Animals in Grocery Carts pdf file  

14-10 Clarification on Continuing Enforcement Actions Against an Establishment after Transfer of Ownership pdf file  

14-11 Determining "Approved Source" for Eggs pdf file  

14-12 Requirements for Slaughtering Chickens at Retail pdf file  

14-13 Softserve and Custard Machine Cleaning Frequency and Product Use pdf file  

14-14 Critical Item Violation Correction Sheet pdf file  

14-15 Licensing of School Lunch Programs pdf file  

14-16 Instructions for Marking In, Out, NA, NO pdf file  


13-05 Special Events (non-temporary) pdf file  

13-02 Inspection Violation Map pdf file    

04-06 Drainboard Size for Starbucks pdf file  

04-05 Rationale for Condemnation of Potentially Hazardous Foods pdf file  

02-01 Espresso and Coffee Kiosks pdf file  

01-04 Guidelines for Calculating Total Water Usage Requirements in Retail Food Establishments pdf file  

01-01 Sale or Service of Popcorn, Caramelized Nuts, Roasted Almonds pdf file  

95-02 Breweries, Micro Breweries and Wineries pdf file


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