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What is AFIX?


AFIX is an acronym for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s four-component quality improvement program where an assessment of provider coverage rates, missed opportunities for vaccination, and immunization practices is performed by state immunization program staff. 


During a feedback session results of the assessment are shared with providers and their staff and they work with state immunization program nurse consultants to identify targeted interventions or strategies to improve practice immunization delivery systems, reduce missed opportunities and improve coverage rates.


Incentives are provided to help reward and recognize improved performance. An ongoing eXchange of information is provided during follow-up sessions with the provider to determine progress in implementing quality improvement strategies toward improving immunization services and coverage levels.


AFIX activities have evolved greatly in Colorado since 1994. AFIX visits are combined with VFC site visits where assessment of coverage levels, missed opportunities, and immunization practices are performed prior to the site visit and feedback is provided during the site visit. Providers work with nurse consultants from the Colorado Immunization Section in identifying two to three quality improvement strategies they believe they can successfully implement. A follow-up visit, no later than six months, is then completed to assess the provider’s progress in implementing these strategies. The goal is to improve immunization delivery systems and immunization coverage levels to meet the Healthy People 2020 goals. 
With the ongoing development and robustness of the Colorado Immunization Information System, assessments of immunization coverage levels performed by the immunization section for AFIX activities are completed with CIIS data. Manual record data entry is no longer performed.
While the Immunization Section pairs AFIX visits with VFC site visits, the AFIX program may also be implemented in non-VFC enrolled provider sites. All providers who provide immunization services are encouraged to participate in the AFIX program. Contact Lori Stonehocker Quick, AFIX Coordinator, 877-375-2579 or Lori.quick@state.co.us for more information.