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Click below for information on vaccine-preventable diseases such as influenza and pertussis.


Find out how influenza is impacting the State of Colorado by clicking here.  Remember that the influenza vaccine is now recommended for everyone, including adults of all ages.  Make sure you are protected! If you need to find an influenza vaccination please use this national service: http://flushot.healthmap.org/


The pertussis, or whooping cough, epidemic that began in 2012 is continuing to surge in Colorado — and the rest of the country. One of our Winnable Battles is to increase the percentage of children who are up-to-date on their diptheria, tetanus and pertussis (DTaP) immunizations. DTaP is approved for children 6 weeks through 6 years of age and is the most effective way to prevent pertussis in children. To be considered up-to-date when entering kindergarten, a child must have received either five DTaP immunizations or four, if the fourth is administered on or after the child’s fourth birthday.
Pertussis is highly contagious and is spread through contact with respiratory droplets- such as coughing and sneezing. An infected person has cough episodes that may end in vomiting or cause a "whoop" sound when the person breathes in air. Pertussis may lead to pneumonia, seizures, and in more serious cases, death.
Though pertussis may be milder in older adults, they can still give the disease to others, including those who with weakened immune systems or infants who have not had all of their vaccines. Those with the most serious complications and death occurs are children less than 6 months of age. Everyone should contact his/her health care provider to determine the need for DTaP or Tdap immunization.


  • Additional information on pertussis: