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Health Screening Sites

The RHPC contracts with three sites within Colorado to provide screening and education services to newly arrived refugees. 

  • Refugee Health Clinic

             1666 Elmira Street

             Aurora, CO 80010

             Main Phone: 303-692-6440

             Fax: 720-859-6537

             Clinic Manager: Colette Schantz



             Refugee Health Education Resource Center               

             Shelby Chapman                                     Susma Dahal

             303-692-6454                                          303-692-6457

             Shelby.Chapman@state.co.us                 Susma.Dahal@state.co.us


             6255 Quebec Parkway

             Commerce City, CO 80022

             Main Phone: 303-286-8900 ext. 3655

             Fax: 303-277-6459


             Migrant Health Director: Miriam R. Diaz



             410 Gold Pass Heights

             Colorado Springs, CO 80906

             Phone: 719-344-7139

             Fax: 719-579-9176


             Clinical Nurse Manager: Karen Moore, RN



             Refugee Nurse Coordinator: Patty Nyquist-Heise, RN, MSN