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Colorado Site Assessments

Colorado Cooperative Program for Environmental Health Assessments (CCPEHA)

CCPEHA represents the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment cooperative partnership with the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR), the principal Atlanta-based federal public health agency responsible for the health issues related to hazardous waste.


CCPEHA is the only state public health program that evaluates the public health implications of exposures to environmental contamination using the ATSDR public health assessment process, and identifies appropriate actions for particular communities to prevent or reduce exposures that are potentially harmful


Overall, CCPEHA helps communities by:

  • Identifying pathways of human exposure and evaluating human health risks associated with Colorado hazardous waste sites, and providing guidance to regulatory agencies responsible for cleanup.

  • Identifying appropriate public health actions for particular communities in order to prevent or reduce exposures that have been, are being, or potentially harmful.

  • Continuing efforts to address community health concerns through community involvement and health education.


CCPEHA Activities


A1 Stop Laundry and Dry Cleaners


Alliant Technologies Facilities


Captain Jack Mill


Cho's Cleaner Dry Cleaning Facility


Creede - Nelson Tunnel


Crown Market


Denver Federal Center Redevelopment Sites


DuPont Louviers Site


Durango Children's Museum


Everyday Store Site


Evraz Rocky Mountain Steel Mill


EZ Cleaners Site


Fire Station 28


Former Hewlett-Packard Loveland Manufacturing


Garfield County


Habitat for Humanity Estes Valley Site 


Hamilton-Sundstrand RCRA Site


Hazen Research, Inc



Ignacio/Durango Domestic Well


Nelson Tunnel-Commodore Waste Rock Pile  


Osage Fleet Maintenance Facility


Paris Mill


Rocky Mountain Steel Mills


Schlage Lock Company


Standard Mine

Sterling Manufactured Gas Plant


Ute-Ulay Mine and Mill Complex



Program Manager
Raj Goyal