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About the Immunization Section



The mission of the Colorado Immunization Section is to reduce vaccine-preventable diseases through the development and implementation of programs designed to increase and maintain vaccine coverage and assuring access to immunization services.  


Main Business Hours:

8:00a.m - 5:00p.m. MT


Contact Us:

Main Number: 303-692-2700

Fax: 303-691-6118

Email: cdphe.dcdimmunization@state.co.us


Immunization Section
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
Disease Control and Environmental Epidemiology Division
4300 Cherry Creek Drive South
Denver, CO 80246 


Lynn Trefren, RN, MSN (Immunization Section Chief)



  • Directs and monitors Immunization Section activities, including budget management, policy, partnership and grant development, and public interface

Cristina Garcia (Administrative Assistant)



  • Provides general administrative support for the Immunization Section

  • Manages documents and reports for the CIIS and Vaccine Operations programs

  • Provides back-up support for the CIIS Help Desk

Rachel Herlihy, MD, MPH (Deputy Director, Disease Control and Environmental Epidemiology Division)



  • Provides senior level clinical and epidemiological expertise

  • Serves as principal investigator on grants and directs the work of Division Section Chiefs

Jennifer Yara-Zelenski, MPH, MCHES (CDC Public Health Advisor)



  • Assists in overall program planning, program implementation, policy, and budget development

  • Provides leadership for special projects

Please contact us for immunization data, particularly National Immunization Survey results.


Marianne Koshak, MS (Data Unit Manager)



  • Manage CIP’s Data Unit including handling external data requests.

  • Performs mapping and geographic analysis

  • Manage Vaccines For Children (VFC) vaccine budget


Paul Gillenwater, MPH (Data Analyst)



  • Design and development of applications to support the Colorado Immunization Section (CIS)

  • Analyze Immunization data

  • Statistical, database, and .NET programming

Lori Stonehocker Quick, RN, MSN, CNS (Public Health Nurse Consultant – Southwest Region)



  • Manage the Assessment, Feedback, Incentives, and eXchange (AFIX) quality improvement program

  • Coordinator of Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) program and Vaccine Safety

  • Provides immunization related clinical and non clinical consultation, technical assistance and training

  • Conducts Vaccine for Children (VFC) enrollment, accountability, and education based site visits in the Southwest Region


Lane Wake, MS (Evaluation Coordinator)



  • Evaluate projects

  • Analyze Immunization data, including (NIS) interpretation

Cathleen Beaver, MSPH (Billing Project Manager)



  • Primary contact for Local Public Health Agencies (LPHAs) for the Reimbursement Immunization Opportunity (RIZO) Project 

  • Provides support to LPHAs to build and expand upon billing capacity for immunizations

  • Provides guidance to LPHAs about use of federally funded 317 vaccine


Please contact us for vaccine management topics, including the Vaccines for Children Program.


Cinda Caddy Ewing, RN (Public Health Nurse Consultant – Northwest and Northeast Regions)



  • Manage Yellow Fever vaccine program including certification of Yellow Fever providers and general travel vaccine consultation

  • Provide back-up clinical CIIS (Colorado Immunization Information System) support

  • Provides immunization related clinical and non-clinical consultation, technical assistance, and training

  • Conducts Vaccine For Children (VFC) enrollment, accountability, and education-based site visits in the Northwest and Northeast Regions


Nicole Ortiz, BS (Vaccines For Children (VFC) Interim Vaccine Manager)



  • Primary contact for VFC Program

  • Manages VFC vaccine budget and operations

  • Manages vaccine wastage/loss
  • Manages annual benchmarking re-enrollment process


Jason Hien, BA (Data Specialist)



  • Manages transfer vaccine orders

  • Supports VFC providers in placing their vaccine orders

  • Acts as a liaison between Vaccine Management Team and the Data Unit


Debra Zambrano, RN, BSN, (Public Health Nurse Consultant – Southeast Region, Denver, Jefferson, Arapahoe, Douglas and Elbert Counties)

303-692-2258, cell: 719-252-7029


  • Primary contact for Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program

  • Oversees Vaccine for Children (VFC) site visits and site visit staff

  • Provides immunization related clinical and non clinical consultation, technical assistance, and training

  • Conducts Vaccine for Children (VFC) enrollment, accountability, and education-based site visits in the Southeast Region

Erica Bloom, MA (Adult Immunization Specialist)



  • Primary contact for Colorado Adult Immunization Coalition (CAIC)

  • Coordinates adult immunization initiatives with Local Public Health Agencies (LPHAs) and other immunizers

  • Promotes immunizations across the life span through paid, earned, and social media


Jaclyn Cheves, MPH, CHES (Health Educator)


  • Designs, implements, and evaluates immunization training and educational materials

  • Develops material for, coordinates updates of, and monitors the Section's web pages

  • Manages immunization education, outreach, and communication activities

Jamie D'Amico, RN, MSN, CNS (Public Health Nurse Consultant- Central Mountain Region)



  • Primary contact for Colorado school immunization requirements

  • Interprets Colorado Board of Health rules as they pertain to schools

  • Provides immunization related clinical and non-clinical consultation, technical assistance, and training

  • Conducts Vaccines for Children (VFC) enrollment, accountability, and education based site visits in the Central Mountain Region

Teri Lindsey, BA (Immunization Section Contract Manager)



  • Primary contact for Immunization grant and contract information

  • Develops requests for proposals, funding applications, and progress reports

  • Manages and monitors contracts/purchase orders

  • Provides contractual/programmatic technical assistance to contractors


Diana Herrero, MS - CIIS Program Manager



  • Develops CIIS strategic direction and policies
  • Responsible for CIIS day-to-day program operations, grant management and staff management
  • Approves requests for data sets from CIIS


Phyllis Bourassa, M.Ed - CIIS Training and Outreach Coordinator



  • Primary contact for CIIS training and education
  • Develops, delivers and evaluates training for CIIS users
  • Assists with newletter content development 


Steve Jarvis - CIIS Data Import Specialist



  • Primary contact for technical issues with existing interfaces to CIIS
  • Monitors and maintains systems for processing incoming data submitted electronically to CIIS
  • Assists with data requests made to CIIS 


Aleksey Kryuchkovskiy, MS - CIIS User Support Services

303-692-2437 or

Toll Free 1-888-611-9918


  • Primary contact for CIIS account set-up and troubleshooting
  • Manages CIIS Help Desk - customer service and technical support
  • Manages CIIS File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server for secure electronic data uploads to the registry 


Heather Shull, MA - CIIS Interoperability Unit Supervisor



  • Manages all health information exchange (HIE) and interface projects with CIIS 
  • Facilitates processes, procedures and polices to ensure the integrity and quality of incoming data 
  • Coordinates the ongoing evaluation and assessment of CIIS functionality 


Rosemary Spence, RN, MA - CIIS Public Health Nurse Consultant



  • Primary contact for clinical questions regarding the CIIS Recommender forecasting algorithm
  • Provides immunization-related clinical and non-clinical consultation, technical assistance and training
  • Conducts Vaccines for Children (VFC) site visits 


Linda Stremming - CIIS Geo-Recall Coordinator



  • Primary contact for practice-based and geographic-based recall, including training and technical assistance
  • Provides technical assistance on general registry functionality
  • Facilitates data quality analysis, manual de-duplication processing, opt-out requests and official immunization record requests


Vanessa Willis - CIIS Data Quality Coordinator



  • Monitors and analyzes production data quality
  • Supports implementation of new and existing Electronic Health Record (EHR) interfaces for healthcare providers
  • Provides training and technical assistance


Lorin Scott-Okerblom, MPH – CIIS School Coordinator



  • Primary contact for school, child care, and head start facilities
  • Provides technical assistance, outreach, and support for school users
  • Develops CIIS school trainings
  • Colorado Immunization Information System (CIIS) Manager: 303-692-2695

  • CIIS User Support Services: 303-692-2437, 1-888-611-9918 ( toll free)

  • Contract Monitoring, Adverse Reactions, Outreach: 303-692-2732

  • Data Collection and Analysis: 303-692-2631

  • Data Collection and Analysis, GIS Mapping: 303-692-2353

  • Fiscal: 303-692-2314

  • Immunization Printed Material Orders: 303-692-2795

  • Meeting Arrangements, Satellite Broadcasts: 303-692-2650

  • Health Nurse Consultant Assigned by Region

  • North Central, Denver and Jefferson County VFC Site Visits, Adolescent/Adult IZ Coordinator, Clinical Questions: 303-692-2798 

  • NW and NE Colorado VFC Site Visits, Clinical Questions: 866-896-1586 (toll free)  

  • Central Colorado VFC Site visits, Schools/Child Cares, Board of Health, Clinical Questions: 303-692-2957

  • SE Colorado VFC Site Visits, Clinical Questions: 303-692-2258, cell: 719-252-7029   

  • SW Colorado VFC Site Visits, Clinical Questions: 970-375-2579  

  • Travel Questions: 1-866-896-1586 (toll free)

  • Vaccine Orders: 303-691-4950

  • Vaccine Storage, Handling, and Usage Analysis: 303-692-2334

  • VFC Supplies Orders: 303-692-2650

  • VFC Clinical Coordinator, Clinical Questions: 866-530-1813 x22 (toll free), 719-252-7029