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Adoption Records

We maintain vital statistics about adoption and administer the Colorado Voluntary Adoption Registry  to make voluntary contact between Colorado-born adoptees 18 years of age or older and their birth parents easier.


Colorado Revised Statute §19-5-305: Access to Adoption Information details how adoption records may be accessed; birth parent contact preferences and updated medical history statements; and methods of contact with parties to the adoption.


The  Vital Records office only records court-ordered adoptions for children born in Colorado or born outside of the United States.   We forward all other adoption documents to the child's state of birth.


  1. Attorney or  Court Report of Adoption:  When an adoption is finalized in a Colorado court , the report of adoption is sent to the state vital records office.  It takes approximately four weeks from the date of receipt for the new birth certificate to be processed.

  2. Notification of New Birth Certificate Letter: Once the new birth certificate is complete, we will send a notification of completion and an application for birth certificate to the attorney listed on the Report of Adoption.  If an attorney was not listed, we will send this information to the adoptive parent(s).

  3. Submit Application for Birth Certificate: Complete the Application for Birth Certificate and submit the form with all required documents, and fees for the adoption registration and a certified copy of the certificate.

Additional Options

  • Foreign-born Adoption: The certified Report of Adoption and Final Decree of Adoption should be received from either the court where the adoption took place or the attorney.

  • ‘Issued Pursuant to Adoption’:  By selecting this option on the application, the statement "Issued Pursuant to Adoption" will print on the face of the birth certificate if there is a record of an adoption on file in our office.


The Contact Preference Form Medical History Statement Information  form allows you to indicate how you wish to be contacted in the future and to provide medical history information.


If your birth parent provided medical history to the Office of the State Registrar, you may get a copy of the record by submitting an Application to Request a Contact Preference Form and Medical History Statement. We do not have other non-identifying information about birth parents.   If your adoption was conducted by a private attorney, state and local agencies will not have non-identifying birth parent information.  



Additional Resources


For adoptees who were wards of the State Home for Dependent and Neglected Children:


Custodian of Records
Division of Youth Corrections
Colorado Department of Human Services

4143 South Julian Way, Bldg 23
Denver, CO 80236


Fax: 303-866-7383


For adoptees who were in the custody of a county human service agency prior to adoption:
Adoption Unit
Colorado Department of Human Services
1575 Sherman St, 2nd Fl
Denver, CO 80203-1714
The following non-profit organizations also facilitate adoptions statewide:
2525 W Alameda Ave
Denver, CO 80219
303-742-0823 ext. 642

1100 W Littleton Blvd, Suite 105
Littleton, CO 80120


We only maintain original birth certificates for individuals born in Colorado. If you were born outside of Colorado, contact the state vital records office where you were born to find out the procedures for obtaining your original birth certificate.

How to get your original birth certificate:


For adoptions decreed in Colorado, adoptees 18 years of age and older may submit an Application Open Sealed Adoption File to Release Original Birth Certificate If you were adopted before July 1, 1951 or between July 1, 1967 to August 31, 1999, you must first get a court order to have the Department release this information before applying for your original birth certificate.  
Additional parent information may be available through the Colorado Voluntary Adoption Registry   or the Colorado Confidential Intermediary Service.  



Colorado Revised Statutes §19-5-305 established who is eligible to submit a Consent to Release an Original Birth Certificate from a Sealed Adoption File form.