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Law Enforcement & Legal Counsel


All law enforcement procedures are governed by the following confidentiality statute:

CRS § 18-18-406.3(5) states, “Any person including, but not limited to, any officer, employee, or agent of the department, or any officer, employee, or agent of any state or local law enforcement agency, who releases or makes public any confidential record or any confidential information contained in any such record that is provided to or by the marijuana registry of the department without the written authorization of the marijuana registry patient commits a class 1 misdemeanor.”


If you have any non-confidential questions or comments related to the Fraud Prevention efforts of the Medical Marijuana Registry, e-mail our Fraud Prevention Staff at cdphe_osrvs.fraud@state.co.us. 



Medical Marijuana Registration Cards: The Medical Marijuana Registry supports Colorado citizen’s medical care needs by administering a statewide program for legal access to medical marijuana. If you have information about potentially fraudulent applications or use of Medical Marijuana Registration Cards, you may submit this information to:

Fraud Prevention Officer
4300 Cherry Creek Drive South
Denver, CO 80246
Fax: 303-758-5179
Concerns Regarding Medical Marijuana Centers, Grow Sites or Marijuana Purchases: Please refer all concerns about Medical Marijuana Centers, grow sites or suspicions of illegal purchase to:
Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division
Department of Revenue   
Concerns Regarding Physicians: If you have concerns regarding physicians who are recommending medical marijuana please contact:

Division of Registrations Healthcare Section
Department of Regulatory Agencies
1560 Broadway, Suite 1300
Denver, CO 80202
Fax: 303-894-7692



Authorized representatives of state or local law enforcement agencies (e.g.; police, sheriffs, district attorneys, state troopers, marijuana enforcement division representatives) may request verification of an individual’s registry card or application.


How to submit a verification request:

The law enforcement representative shall submit to the Registry's Fraud Prevention Unit a written request on agency letterhead by mail, hand delivery or fax to 303-758-5179. Verification requests by phone or email are not accepted. The request must include:

  • A statement to the effect that they were presented with a registration card or complete application packet by an individual whose name appears on the documentation OR that the person in question was contacted by law enforcement and claimed to be a patient/primary caregiver on the Registry, but was not in possession of their registration card/application packet;

  • The name on the registration card; and

  • The registration card number.


Supporting documentation required for the following reasons: 
  • Application packet used as proof of registration: If a complete application packet is presented to law enforcement, a copy must accompany the request for verification. A complete application packet includes an application, the physician’s certification, and a certified mail receipt or other proof of mailing to the Registry.
  • Patient information is submitted to law enforcement by an attorney representing the patient or caregiver: If the law enforcement officer or district attorney received the card or paperwork from an attorney representing the patient or caregiver, the representing attorney must also provide proof of their legal relationship to the patient or caregiver. This may include a court pleadings subpoena or a letter of representation on the attorney’s letterhead with a signed, notarized waiver from the client. This documentation must be provided to the Registry along with the verification request.
The Registry’s response to verification requests:
We will provide a written response that includes the following information:
  • Confirmation of the patient’s status;
  • Date the application was received or the registration card was issued;
  • The date the card expired or will expire; and
  • The name of the person to whom the card was issued.



Policy Number 2012-07 provides procedures, costs and contact information for submission of subpoenas.

Authorized employees of state or local law enforcement agencies shall immediately notify the Medical Marijuana Registry when any person in possession of a Medical Marijuana Registry identification card has been determined by a court of law to have willfully violated the Colorado Constitution or the referenced statutes, or has pled guilty to such offense.

Notices may come in the form of:
a. Notice of Conviction, Court Finding, or Final Disposition related to a court conviction, or
b. Law enforcement Summons or Citation with a signed admission of guilt in lieu of a court appearance.
Notice must be received in writing by fax (303-758-5179) or mail to:
Fraud Prevention Officer
4300 Cherry Creek Drive South
Denver, CO 80246