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Correct a Colorado Birth Certificate?


Changes to a given name after the age of 1year require a legal name change order.  The legal name change
order can be obtained from the county of your residence (see link below).  Click on the links below for further
information and instructions listed on page 2 of the correction form.

These forms cannot be used to add/remove the biological father to/from the birth certificate. For more information, please see our Establishing Paternity, or  Frequently Asked Questions pages.


Get advice about correcting or changing a birth  certificate by e-mail at vital.records@state.co.us or by phoning:

  • Birth records: 303-692-2226
  • Death records: 303-692-2236
  • Adding or removing a father's name: 303-692-2230
  • Adoptions (after the adoption has been filed with our office): 303-692-2227
  • Filing delayed birth or death records: 303-692-2188.


To change or correct a birth or death Certificate in person, visit our office at:


Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Vital Records
4300 Cherry Creek Drive South, HSVR-VR-A1
Denver, CO 80246-1530
FAX: 303-691-7704 (within the Continental U.S.)
FAX: 303-691-9307 (outside the Continental U.S.)
Tel. #: 303-692-2200


Please note: Same-day service available until 4:30 p.m.