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Information about the Air Pollution Control Division

Air Pollution Control Division - William Allison, Division Director

The mission of the Air Pollution Control Division is to provide our customers with excellent air quality management services that when taken together contribute to: the protection of public health; the protection of ecosystems; and, continual improvement of the air quality related aesthetic values such as odors and visibility.


Administrative Services Program

  • Manages fiscal and business matters.
  • Develops a comprehensive budget.
  • Interacts with legislative processes.
  • Ensures payment of bills.
  • Develops contracts.
  • Coordinates hiring.


Planning and Policy Program - Garry Kaufman, APCD Deputy Director, Program Manager

  • Develops air quality attainment and maintenance plans to keep Colorado in compliance with the federal National Ambient Air Quality Standards.
  • Focuses on emerging air quality issues, such as the oil and gas industry, regional haze, nitrogen deposition at Rocky Mountain National Park, air toxics and climate change.
  • Performs transportation planning.
  • Provides public information and education.


Stationary Sources Program - Kirsten King, Program Manager

  • Evaluates and develops air permits for stationary sources in Colorado.
  • Inspects sources to determine compliance with air regulations and permit conditions.
  • Maintains a computerized inventory of air pollution emissions throughout the state.
  • Ensures that residential burning emission standards are met.
  • Regulates open burning of debris.
  • Develops and revises regulations for stationary sources as needed.
  • Provides outreach and assistance to help businesses stay in compliance. 


Indoor Environment Program - Steve Fine, Program Manager

  • Provides technical assistance on indoor air pollutants.
  • Regulates ozone-depleting compounds (chlorofluorocarbons).
  • Regulates asbestos removal and demolition activities.
  • Reviews school asbestos management plans.
  • Regulates the removal of lead-based paint from child-occupied facilities.


Mobile Sources Program - Doug Decker, Program Manager

  • Manages emissions testing programs for gas and diesel motor vehicles
  • Manages an oxygenated fuels program.
  • Provides technical assistance to motorists.
  • Provides outreach to the automotive services industry.
  • Conducts research in motor vehicle emissions and technology.


Technical Services Program - Gordon Pierce, Program Manager

  • Collects and analyzes statewide ambient air quality data.
  • Provides daily air quality advisories during the summer ozone season and the winter high pollution season.
  • Performs complex modeling analysis to determine impacts of air pollution sources on air quality.
  • Provides forecasting and meteorology information related to air pollution
  • Maintains emission inventory data to track quantity and sources of various pollutants.
  • Regulates the use of controlled burns and prescribed fire through a smoke management program.
  • Conducts visibility research and analysis.