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Emissions Reporting and Fees


Inventory and Support Group


The Inventory and Support Group manages the Stationary Source Emission Inventory and administers the Stationary Sources Annual Fee System, including: 


  • Emission inventory and data retrieval requests
  • Annual fees and billing 
  • Source closure processing


The group performs other technical functions as well, including:


  • Opacity and odor intensity grading certification
  • Woodburning stove certifications
  • Street sanding oversight


Emissions Inventory

The Inventory and Support Group maintains the inventory of air pollutants emitted by stationary sources in Colorado. Details of emission reporting requirements are found in the Air Quality Control Commission's (AQCC) Regulation No. 3. Businesses report their emissions using a form known as an Air Pollutant Emission Notice (APEN). Some of the more common business categories have specific Air Pollutant Emission Notices that are tailored to their needs. Air Pollutant Emission Notices are valid for five years unless a significant increase in emissions occurs. Each Notice must be accompanied by a $152.90 filing fee.



Because of the technical and sometimes complex nature of air emission calculations, the Division has a Small Business Assistance Program team that helps Colorado businesses to comply with the air quality regulations.



Annual Fees


Colorado State Law (Section 25-7-114.7 (2) (a) (I)), requires that every owner or operator of an air pollution source shall pay an annual as follows: $22.90 per ton of regulated criteria pollutants and $152.90 per ton of hazardous air pollutants and ozone depleting compounds. Invoices are generated based on the emissions reported the most recent Air Pollutant Emission Notice on file with the Division. Reporting is done on a calendar year basis, generally last year, and fees are charged based on the actual quantity released. A list of the chargeable hazardous air pollutants may be found in Appendix C of Regulation No. 3 .  Note that in addition to annual air emission fees, businesses may also be subject to Air Pollutant Emission Notice (APEN) filing and air permitting processing fees.




Source Closure Processing


If you are closing down an air pollution emissions source you may wish to have it removed from the inventory. This will avoid further annual fees for those emissions. If the source is to be permanently closed (i.e. dismantled) you will need to notify the Air Pollution Control Division in writing to have it removed and have all associated permits cancelled. Please be specific as to the equipment and permits that are to be cancelled. No filing fee is required to cancel a source; if the source is ever reopened it will require all new Air Pollutant Emission Notices and if the permit was cancelled, permits just as if it had never been permitted before. If a source is to be closed temporarily, you may cancel the APEN and keep the permit. However, a new Air Pollutant Emission Notice (including filing fees) will need to be filed prior to re-start, showing expected emissions for the coming year.


Inventory Data Retrieval Requests

The Colorado Air Pollution Control Division provides reports to the public from its air pollution inventory. There is a $30 charge for each report. All requests for reports must be made in writing. Please specify the data elements needed and specific selection criteria based upon these elements (i.e. only plants in a certain county having a certain SIC code.

If the data in the inventory are not adequate, the Division's files are available for public examination, by appointment. To arrange for an appointment, please call the Division at 303-692-3100.


Contact the Inventory and Support Group


Adam Wozniak, Supervisor