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Colorado Lead Statute

On July 1, 1997, Colorado Senate Bill 97-136 was signed into law. This law (25-5-1101 C.R.S., et seq.) establishes the lead hazard reduction program in the Department of Public Health and Environment. As part of a comprehensive plan to reduce elevated blood lead levels in children and control exposure to lead-based paint hazards in residences and child-occupied facilities, this law directed the Air Quality Control Commission to promulgate rules regarding lead-based paint abatement and certification of persons and companies performing inspections and abatements.


Colorado Revised Statutes are searchable on-line. Use "lead paint" as a search term and select the “Natural Language” option to find the statute.

Colorado Regulation

A copy of the final lead-based paint abatement regulation, Regulation No. 19 is available to download in Adobe Acrobat format. Also available is a list of approved encapsulant products for use in Colorado, pursuant to the requirements of Colorado Air Quality Control Commission Regulation No. 19. If you experience difficulty downloading this document, copies are available at the Air Pollution Control Division offices at 700 S. Ash St., Denver, or call Richard Fatur at (303) 692-3261.