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Contact the Air Pollution Control Division


State Employee Phone Directory
Map to Our Location


Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
Air Pollution Control Division
4300 Cherry Creek Drive South
Denver, CO 80246-1530

Hours: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, state holidays excepted


Program Contacts
General Contact Information
Main Phone 303-692-3100
Main FAX 303-782-0278
Main Email cdphe.commentsapcd@state.co.us
Indoor Burning
Daily Forecast/Burn Advisory 303-758-4848
Indoor Burning Complaints 303-692-3280
Air Quality Planning and State Implementation Plans
Garry Kaufman, APCD Deputy Director 303-692-3269, garrison.kaufman@state.co.us
Curt Taipale, Supervisor 303-692-3265, curtis.taipale@state.co.us
Indoor Environment
Asbestos Compliance
Laura Shumpert, Supervisor 303-692-3102, cdphe.asbestos@state.co.us
  Chlorofluorocarbon Control
 Tom Dodd, Lead  303-692-3203, tom.dodd@state.co.us
  Lead Paint
 Rick Fatur, Supervisor  303-692-3261, richard.fatur@state.co.us
  Indoor Air Quality
 Laura Shumpert, Supervisor  303-692-3102, cdphe.iaq@state.co.us
Lead and Asbestos Certification 
 Heidi Newbold, Lead  303-692-3017, heidi.newbold@state.co.us
  Business and Industry -- Stationary Sources of Air Pollution
  Oil and Gas Production and Processing
 Mark McMillan, Supervisor  303-692-3140, mark.mcmillan@state.co.us
  Field Services - Enforcement
Shannon McMillan, Supervisor  303-692-3259, shannon.mcmillan@state.co.us

Title V Operating Permits - Matt Burgett

303-692-3183, matt.burgett@state.co.us
Construction Permits - Chip Hancock 303-692-3168, r.hancock@state.co.us
Oil and Gas Permits - Chris Laplante 303-692-3216, christopher.laplante@state.co.us
Small Business Assistance
Christine Hoefler 303-692-3148, christine.hoefler@state.co.us
Regulations and Regulatory Development
Dena Wojtach, Supervisor 303-692-3147, dena.wojtach@state.co.us
 Megan Garvey, Supervisor
 303-692-3123, megan.garvey@state.co.us
Records Requests
Margaret Knox-Kruschke, Records Manager
  Monitoring, Modeling, Air Quality Forecasts
  Particulate Monitoring
Patrick McGraw, Supervisor  303-692-3235, pat.mcgraw@state.co.us
Gaseous Monitoring
Greg Harshfield, Supervisor 303-692-3232, gregory.harshfield@state.co.us
  Permit Modeling
Doris Jung 303-692-3192doris.jung@state.co.us
Regional Modeling
Kevin Briggs 303-692-3222, kevin.briggs@state.co.us
Air Quality Forecasting/Advisories
Patrick Reddy 303-692-3239, patrick.reddy@state.co.us
Prescribed Fire
Pat McLaughlin 303-692-3244, patrick.mclaughlin@state.co.us
Motor Vehicles -- Mobile Sources of Air Pollution
  Gasoline Emissions Testing
 Janet Lovell, Office Manager  303-692-3121, janet.lovell@state.co.us
  Diesel Emissions Testing
Janet Lovell, Office Manager 303-692-3121, janet.lovell@state.co.us
Roadside Emissions Testing - RapidScreen
Janet Lovell, Office Manager 303-692-3121, janet.lovell@state.co.us
Smoking Vehicle Reporting
Smoking Vehicle Hotline 303-692-3211, cdphe.smokeline@state.co.us
Fuel Quality
Kim Livo, Lead 303-692-3134, kim.livo@state.co.us