Maintaining Your Eligibility

To Maintain Your Eligibility for Benefits:
  • Request payment every two weeks
  • Be actively seeking work and record this on the work-search log
  • Be physically and mentally able to work
  • Be willing to accept suitable work
  • Be available to begin work immediately if a job is offered
  • Tell the truth
  • Report any hours you worked and money you earned each time you request payment. Even if it is one dollar or one hour, you must report it.


Work-Search Requirements

You must make a continued and organized effort to look for work. A workforce center will assign you a number of contacts you must make each week.

You must keep a list of these efforts; we may request proof at any time up to two years after your benefit-year end date. We provide a work-search log sample for you to use.

Work-search Log


For every job contact you must keep a verifiable list of:

  • What action you took
  • The method by which you applied for a job
  • The type of work you were looking for
  • The person you contacted, a telephone number, email address or other reliable contact information
  • The outcome of the contact

We may conduct an audit of your claim at any time. You may be asked to provide your work-search log. If you are unable to produce the log with all requirements, you may not be eligible for benefits.

Accepting Suitable Work

You must be willing to look for and accept suitable work. Various factors are considered when determining if work is suitable including, but not limited to, rate of pay, prior experience, and length of unemployment.


You do not need to call us to tell us that you found full-time work; simply stop requesting payments. Stop requesting payment your next regularly scheduled date after your first day of full-time work, not when you receive your first paycheck.


Working and Reporting Your Hours and Earnings

You are allowed to work part-time (less than 32 hours a week) while you are collecting unemployment benefits. We can pay you part of your benefits for a week when you work part-time, but you must have earned less than your weekly benefit amount.

The law states that you can earn up to 25 percent of your weekly benefit amount and still get your full unemployment payment. After that, we must reduce your unemployment payment by one dollar for each dollar you earn.

Keep track of your hours and earnings using our earnings log. You will need to report this information when you request payment. Additionally, you must report when you no longer work for an employer.

Reopen Your Claim

When we say that your claim has “shut down” we mean that CUBLine does not recognize you when you request payment. You must reopen your claim prior to requesting payment. You may reopen your claim here or contact the Customer Service Center.


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  • Actively search for suitable work.
  • Mantain a work-search log and retain it for two years.
  • Report all earnings and hours worked.
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Stop requesting payment your next regularly scheduled date after your first day of full-time work, not when you receive your first pay check.


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