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Unemployment Insurance Benefits

Provides temporary and partial wage replacement to workers who have become unemployed through no fault of their own. The program is funded by employer paid taxes and provides benefits to those who meet the eligibility requirements of the Colorado Employment Security Act.

  • File-A-Claim or Make Inquiries
    Denver Metro (303) 318-9000
    Toll-Free (800) 388-5515
  • Spanish
    Denver Metro (303) 318-9333
    Toll-Free (866) 422-0402
  • Hearing Impaired (TTD)
    Denver Metro (303) 318-9016
    Toll Free (800) 894-7730
  • Employer Inquiries
    Denver Metro (303) 318-9100
    Toll-Free (800) 480-8299
  • Requesting Payment Every Two Weeks on CUBLine Online (after you have a claim)

Visit and click on CUBLine Online

  • Requesting Payment Every Two Weeks on CUBLine and Getting General, Recorded Information (after you have a claim)    

Denver Metro (303) 813-2800
Toll-Free (888) 550-2800

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Unemployment Insurance Employer Services

The payment of unemployment insurance benefits is supported by the collection of premiums from employers. Employer accounts and liability are established once the employer has registered with the Unemployment Insurance Program.

  • Main Number (303) 318-9100
  • Toll Free (800) 480-8299
  • Tax Audits (303) 318-9100

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Unemployment Insurance Integrity

Detects employer and claimant fraud, establishes and collect overpayments, conduct employer audits, collect delinquent tax reports and taxes due, and conduct quality reviews of benefit payments for the citizens and employers of Colorado to ensure compliance with unemployment laws and regulations.

  • Benefit Payment Control (BPC)
    (303) 318-9035
    Toll Free (877) 464-4622
  • Tips and Leads
    (303) 318-9035
  • Tax Audits
    (303) 318-9100
    Toll Free (800) 480-8299

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Employment and Training Services

Employer Resources


Job Seeker Services

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Executive Directors Office

Executive Director, Ellen Golombek, (303) 318-8020,
Assistant to the Executive Director, Michael Nicoletti, (303) 318-8020

Deputy Executive Director, Kristin Corash, (303) 318-8020

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Government, Policy and Public Relations

Assists with communication and understanding between the Department and its various "publics," including Congress, the Governor, the press and Colorado citizens.

Government, Policy and Public Relations
633 17th Street, Suite 1200
Denver, CO 80202-3660

Director of Government, Policy and Public Relations
Cher Haavind, (303) 318-8003
Fax (303) 318-8070

Program Assistant/Communications Coordinator
Lara Lemley, (303) 318-8008
Fax (303) 318-8047

Director of Policy and Legislation
Patrick Teegarden, (303) 318-8019
Fax (303) 318-8070

Press Inquiries
Bill Thoennes, (303) 318-8004
Fax (303) 318-8070

Amanda Neal, (303) 318-8238
Fax (303) 318-8070

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Human Resources/Personnel

Provides recruitment and ensures correct hiring procedures in accordance with state and department rules and procedures. Its' staff manages and provides technical assistance in staffing and human resource management issues, as well as other personnel administrative services.

Human Resources/Personnel
633 17th Street, Suite 1200
Denver, CO 80202-3660
Main (303) 318-8200

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Industrial Claims Appeals Office (ICAO)

Reviews both unemployment compensation decisions issued by Hearing Officers, and workers' compensation decisions issued by Administrative Law Judges (ALJs).

Industrial Claim Appeals Office (ICAO) Unemployment Insurance
P.O. Box 18291
Denver, CO 80218-0291
Main (303) 318-8133
Fax (303) 318-8139

Industrial Claim Appeals Office (ICAO) Workers' Compensation
633 17th St., Suite 600
Denver, CO 80202-3660
Main (303) 318-8131
Fax (303) 318-8139

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Labor Market Information

Produces official job market statistics for Colorado. The LMI Section does not place people in jobs, but rather provides easy to use information about jobs. For example, reports and web sites on new jobs, unemployed persons, job vacancies, and wages all come from LMI.

Labor Market Information (LMI)
633 17th Street, Suite 600
Denver, CO 80202-3660

Main (303) 318-8850

Fax (303) 318-8870

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Division Labor

Administers laws and regulations governing wages, minimum wage, youth employment, certain union issues and grievances, and employment-related immigration laws.

Division of Labor
633 17th Street, Suite 200
Denver, CO 80202-3611

Main (303) 318-8441
Fax (303) 318-8400

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Oil and Public Safety

Protects the users of petroleum products, users of explosives, boiler and conveyance owners and amusement ride and device patrons in the areas of safety, product quality, accurate measurement and safe building design. Also protects all citizens from damages to public health and the environment caused by leaking petroleum storage tanks.

Oil and Public Safety (OPS)
633 17th Street, Suite 500
Denver, CO 80202-3660
Main (303) 318-8500

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Public Employee Social Security

Provides direct program services to Colorado's more than 3,400 state and local (public) employers regarding their obligations associated with Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) taxes, Social Security and Medicare coverage and benefits, and public pension system requirements.

Colorado Public Employees' Social Security Program (PESS)
633 17th Street, Suite 700
Denver, CO 80202-3660
Main (303) 318-8060

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State Directory Assistance

If you are unsure which State Department or Agency you need to contact, call:

(303) 866-5000

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Workers' Compensation

Enables injured workers, employers, insurance carriers and self-insured employers to comply with the statutory requirements of the Workers' Compensation Act. Encourages safety on the job and containment of costs, and when injuries occur, understandable, fair, useful and efficient processes of resolution at a reasonable cost.

Workers' Compensation
633 17th Street, Suite 400
Denver, CO 80202 

Main (303) 318-8700
Fax (303) 318-8710
Toll Free (888) 390-7936

  • Claims Management (303) 318-8600
  • Communications (303) 318-8675
  • Coverage Enforcement (303) 318-8640
  • Customer Service (303) 318-8700
  • Director's Office (303) 318-8014
  • Document Entry (303) 318-8713
  • Independent Medical Exams (303) 318-8655
  • Industrial Claim Appeals Office (ICAO) (303) 318-8131
  • Insurance Compliance/Self-Insurance (303) 318-8617
  • Medical Cost Containment (303) 318-8755
  • Physician's Accreditation Program (303) 318-8763
  • Prehearing Conference Unit (303) 866-5527
  • Premium Cost Containment (303) 318-8644
  • Records (303) 318-8702
  • Research and Statistics (303) 318-8670
  • Special Funds (303) 318-8786
  • Technical Operations (303) 318-8795
  • Utilization Review (303) 318-8769
  • Office of Administrative Courts (303) 866-2000

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CO Department of Labor and Employment's Mailing Address:

Please send letters or inquiries via postal mail to:
Colorado Department of Labor and Employment
633 17th Street, Suite 201
Denver, CO  80202-3660

Contact the Department By Phone:

For general inquiries, call (303) 318-8000


  • UI Benefits Inquiries: 303-318-9000 or 1-800-388-5515 • UI Employer Services Inquiries: 303-318-9100 or 1-800-480-8299
  • Telephone hours: 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday - Friday
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