Overpayments FAQs

Claimant Question What is an overpayment?
Claimant Question What are unreported earnings?
Claimant Question What are the consequences of an overpayment?
Claimant Question How do I appeal a decision that caused an overpayment?
Claimant Question How do I arrange a repayment agreement?
Claimant Question How do I request an overpayment waiver?
Claimant Question What if an overpayment is established while I am still requesting unemployment benefits?
Employer Question What is a Request to Employer for Earnings Data form (UIB-144), and why should I complete it?
Employer Question What is the New Hire program?
Appeal Question Does appealling a decision stop collection of the overpayment?
Appeal Question If I appeal a decision, do I need an attorney?
Appeal Question I did not receive the appeal hearing notice and did not attend the hearing. What should I do now?
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