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Database Update

We have now uploaded most of the inspection information we’ve received from boiler insurance companies into our database and have been working closely with those companies to make this an automatic process. We appreciate your patience as we address the issues associated with the transition to the new database. Please read the letter to stakeholders for more information.

The intent of the new database is to serve our customers more efficiently and effectively, and we hope to achieve this goal soon!

Email Address Request

As a part of the implementation of our new database, the Boiler Inspection Program is moving toward using email as the primary method for communicating with our stakeholders to send invoices, compliance letters and boiler certificates. To avoid delays in receiving these documents, please provide us with your current email address by contacting Catherine Johnson at 303-318-8484 or catherine.johnson@state.co.us.

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Rate Our Website

We have made a lot of changes to our website over the past few months to make it more user-friendly for you, so we would like to find out what you think of the updates.

Please rate our website to tell us which features you like and which areas could use some improvement.

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Boiler Room Safety: What to Look for

Boiler rooms can be either the “catch-all” room for tools and storage, or can they can be designed and used for maximum efficiency and safety. Boiler Inspectors work to ensure public safety, which includes making recommendations regarding the condition of the boiler room.

Here are some boiler room safety items to keep in mind.

  • Always know where your point of escape is.
  • Be able to locate the power switch or remote safety switch.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and recognize when a boiler may be in distress.
  • Install sufficient lighting.
  • Remove potential trip hazards.
  • Observe points of combustion air.
  • Verify that a CO monitor has been installed and is operating correctly. If you experience lightheadedness, it could be CO poisoning.
  • Note any unusual situations that you find.
  • Test the safety controls wherever and whenever possible.

If a safety issue occurs, contact the local fire department and/or building department, and always document your findings with pictures and a written summary and submit them to Steve Nelson, Chief Boiler Inspector, at steve.v.nelson@state.co.us as soon as possible.

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