Public Safety

Amusement Rides and Devices Program 

This program oversees the operation of mechanical rides operated by carnivals, amusement parks (indoor and outdoor) and other devices used for entertainment purposes such as bungee cords, ride simulators, etc.

Boiler Inspection Program

This program enforces standards governing the installation, operation and closure of boilers and some pressure vessels. Inspections are performed by state inspectors and by special (insurance company) inspectors commissioned by the state program.

Conveyance Program

Pursuant to the Elevator and Escalator Certification Act, the Division of Oil and Public Safety's Conveyance Program regulates all elevators, escalators, stairway chairlifts, automated people movers, and other conveyances located within the State of Colorado.

Explosives Program

This program ensures the safety of workers and the public, and protects property by regulating individuals and businesses that use, manufacture, possess, sell, store, transport, and dispose of explosives or blasting agents. Users of explosives include companies engaged in research and development, highway and building construction and demolition, oil and gas exploration, and avalanche control.