Julesburg Librarian Recognized

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Colorado Department of Labor and Employment • 633 17th Street, Suite 1200 • Denver, CO 80202 • (303) 318-8004 • Fax: (303) 318-8070

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Date: January 31, 2014

Contact: Office of Government and Public Relations

Phone: Bill Thoennes at (303) 318-8004 or Cher Haavind at (303) 318-8003

Web: http://www.colorado.gov/cdle


A group of locally elected officials and business leaders has honored Julesburg librarian Tina Stone for the assistance she provides job seekers. The group comprises the Workforce Investment Board for the Eastern Workforce Region of Colorado, setting direction and providing support for the Workforce Centers in the ten counties of Eastern Colorado.

At its most recent meeting, the board recognized Stone for her work on behalf of job seekers in the Julesburg area. In 2012, the Department of Labor and Employment introduced computer workstations called Virtual Workforce Centers at libraries across Colorado. One of the first libraries to receive the new digital technology was the Julesburg Public Library.

An interactive screen brings most of the services found at the Sterling Workforce Center to job seekers who otherwise would have to make an hour’s drive. "The project was designed to provide a virtual daily presence in areas that do not currently have a Workforce Center," explains Dawn Garcia, Director of the Workforce Centers in Colorado's Eastern Region. "We provide staff outreach to Julesburg every other Wednesday but during the rest of each month the Virtual Workforce Center is a critical supplement."

She stresses, however, that a Virtual Workforce Center can be a valuable resource only when the library that houses it is invested in its success. "Since the establishment of a Virtual Workforce Center at the library, Tina has been assisting library patrons in connecting to online workforce services. The Julesburg Library virtual location sees an average of 20 - 25 job seekers each week, a large number considering the town’s population of 1,225. Thanks to Tina's engagement in this project, the number of job seekers registered in the area has risen considerably."

Tina Stone was presented an award at the Workforce Investment Board's January meeting in Akron. Board members thanked her for her dedication and support, her willingness to learn about the system and be an advocate for local workforce services.