About the Department of Labor and Employment

CDLE Strategic Plan FY 12-13
CDLE Strategic Plan FY 13-14

Today, the work of the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment is more critical than ever. This Department provides the information and tools that are helping Colorado businesses and workers remain competitive.

  • We connect job seekers with great jobs. Colorado’s strong economic environment is inextricably tied to the quality of its workers. Colorado is among the top states in the nation for its highly educated workforce. We’ve been developing and nurturing that workforce for decades, bringing together a comprehensive menu of job training, education, and employment services to our network of Workforce Centers. See:  http://www.colorado.gov/cs/Satellite/CDLE-Main/CDLE/1248095317085
  • We provide an up-to-date and accurate picture of the economy that helps in decision making. The big economic picture emerges bit by bit—from the elementary particles to the universe. It takes a while, but eventually, with enough data, a telling picture will begin to emerge. Before we can begin to grasp the job trends of the future—before we’re even prepared to make the best decisions today—we must fully understand current patterns. For the statisticians and economists in our Labor Market Information Office, the science of uncovering the mosaic of the economy is an ongoing task. See:  http://lmigateway.coworkforce.com/lmigateway/
  • We assist workers who have been injured on the job. The Division of Workers’ Compensation administers the system to provide for quick and efficient delivery of disability and medical benefits to injured workers at a reasonable cost to employers, while minimizing the need for litigation. See:  http://www.colorado.gov/cs/Satellite/CDLE-WorkComp/CDLE/1240336932511
  • We ensure fair labor practices. Workers who have not been paid or have been subjected to unfair labor practices are assisted. We oversee the fair practice of wages and hours by assisting employers in understanding their rights and responsibilities. See:  http://www.colorado.gov/cs/Satellite/CDLE-LaborLaws/CDLE/1240336908932
  • We help people who have lost their jobs (through no fault of their own) by providing temporary wage replacement through the Unemployment Insurance program. Unemployment Insurance helps workers pay their bills and contributes to the economic stability of the state.
    See:  http://www.colorado.gov/cs/Satellite/CDLE-UnempBenefits/CDLE/1240336898069
  • We protect the workplace — and Colorado communities — with a variety of consumer protection and safety programs. The Division of Oil and Public Safety oversees the use of explosives in the state, inspects gas pumps for accuracy and safety, ensures that boilers are operating properly, that leaking petroleum storage tanks are addressed quickly and efficiently and that conveyances such as elevators and escalators are operating safely. See: http://www.colorado.gov/cs/Satellite/CDLE-OilPublicSafety/CDLE/1240336920113

The Department of Labor and Employment never takes Colorado’s workforce, or the businesses that employ them, for granted. This agency remains committed to both. As the workplace continues to change and new opportunities take the place of older ones that are being left behind, Colorado businesses across the state, large and small, are providing the intellectual capital, the energy, adaptability and talent that will strengthen our economy and move us further into this century and the next. The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment will be there to help at every step on the road ahead.