Guest Worker Program


Priority of Service:

Priority of Service is given to Veterans and eligible spouses. Veteran, for the sole purpose of Priority of Service, means a person who served at least one day in the active military, naval, or air service, and who was discharged or released under conditions other than dishonorable. Active service includes full-time Federal service in the National Guard or a Reserve component.


Colorado Non-immigrant Agricultural Seasonal Worker

Overview and Background

The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE), through its Colorado Non-Immigrant Agricultural Seasonal Worker Pilot Program (Pilot Program), allows qualified H-2A representatives, attorneys, service companies, and agents to be pre-qualified to provide as needed services under the Pilot Program to participating growers, grower associations and agricultural employers.  The Pilot Program is limited to 1,000 H-2A workers in its first year; with an additional 1,000 H-2A workers added each of the remaining four years of the program, ending at a total maximum of 5,000 H-2A workers in the final year of the program.  Participation in the program is voluntary for Colorado Employers using the Federal H-2A program. 

Agents choosing to participate in this program are likely to gain access to employers that have not previously participated in the H-2A program due to concerns about legal liability or cost.  CDLE and the Colorado Department of Agriculture will market the program to Employers throughout Colorado.  Agents wishing to apply to the program can  click here   for application instructions.

Employers participating in the program can select from pre-qualified agents participating in the program to meet their H-2A needs.  Click here   to view a list of pre-qualified agents.

Employers should  click here   for a list of things you should take into consideration when looking for an agent. 
Colorado Dept. of Labor and Employment
633 17th St, Ste 700
Denver, CO 80202
Attn: Thomas Gonzales
Phone: (303)318-8831

Rules for the Pilot Program

  Final Rule   

Documents Required from Employer:

Employers wishing to participate in the program are encouraged to submit the following documents to the address shown above as soon as possible.  Employers will be charged a fee of $100 per requested worker.

 Employer Assurances  
 Pilot Petition