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State Veterans Home logo and bannerHomelake resident and staff on swing

Colorado State Veterans Center at Homelake


Here are a few of the comments our Home received on our 2010 satisfaction surveys when asked, “Tell us what we do best”:


  • “Take care of me physically and mentally.” – Resident


  • “Nurses are good to me, I have some good friends here. I am comfortable here. I do what I want. I have my own interests. Meals are overall good.” – Resident


  • “The drama activities. Being involved in plays and playing bingo.” – Resident


  • “Friendliness, after five minutes you feel known. People are visiting with you and smiling.” – Resident


  • “I would recommend this facility to the whole world.” – Resident


  • “Keep me warm, clean, feed me good food.” – Resident


  • “It is easy to contact a staff person about issues, and they are very quick to return calls or e-mails.” – Family member


  • “Genuine care and concern of the resident. My son considers this facility as his home and the staff as his family.” – Family member


  • “The ability of the staff to recognize family members when they enter the facility, approaching them telling them exactly where the resident is, and the staff voicing any suggestions or concerns they may have with regard to the resident.” – Family member


  • “Keep up the good work. Rate your facility and staff with an A+.” – Family member


  • “Residents are part of our family.” – Employee



Resident holding visiting baby