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State Veteran Home Commission members

State Veterans Home logo and banner

Commission on State and Veterans Nursing Homes

(Statutory area of appointments listed in parentheses)


James C. "Jay" Bobick, Chairman
(Veteran representative and representative of the Colorado Board of Veterans Affairs)


Kathleen Dunemm
Ph.D. Vice Chair, Veteran, Professor of Nursing, University of Northern Colorado; member, State Board of Veterans Affairs
(Expertise in nursing home operations, practicing clinical experience in nursing homes)


Nancy Lee Ferrier
Secretary, Long Term Care Ombudsman, Denver Regional Council of Governments
(Ombudsman representative)


Lewis H. Entz
Farmer and retired State Senator
(Veteran representative)


Justin Martinez
Executive Director, Green Mountain Assisted Living and Long-Term Community
(Expertise in nursing home operations, current nursing home administrator experienced in nursing home financial operations)


Karren Kowalski
Ph.D. President and CEO, Colorado Center for Nursing Excellence (Veteran)

Board of Commissioners contact:

Stan Elofson
Board Administrator