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Grand Junction Regional Center


Mission Statement: To promote quality of life, safety, and independence for people with developmental disabilities.


Organizational Goals: Respond quickly to requests for services. Provide supports to other providers/agencies for outreach. Ensure that the people we support and serve, their parents, guardians, or representatives are satisfied with our agency services. Ensure that people and their surrounding community are safe. Keep our employees trained and able to access required tools to do their job well. Maintain a positive relationship between employees and the people that we support and serve. People maintain high quality of life standards and experience. People will live in the most integrated environments that meet their needs.


General Information: The Grand Junction Regional Center is one of three Regional Centers in the State of Colorado that serves developmentally disabled people. Two other centers are located at Wheat Ridge and Pueblo. The Grand Junction Regional Center (GJRC) operates an on-campus facility at 2800 Riverside Parkway, which houses an Intermediate Care Facility (ICF/MR). In addition, GJRC's Monument Community Services manages ten homes in the community.


Core Values:

  • The Health and Safety of individuals with disabilities is the keystone of the decision making process.

  • The Individual and his/her Family are valued resources and partners within Colorado’s developmental disabilities system.

  • Self Determination is a valued process that enables individuals to control the direction of their lives and to make informed, reasonable and responsible choices about services and how to use their resources.

  • Programs and services should be based on Inclusive Practices that support community employment and full participation in society.

  • An Informed Community represents a vital resource of natural supports.

  • Our system is enhanced by and should reflect the Diversity of racial, cultural and religious differences that makes us who we are as a people.

  • Meaningful Partnerships among the constituency of Colorado’s developmental disabilities system must be predicated upon trust and a commitment to the person with a disability.

  • An Informed and Involved Advocacy System contributes to the overall strength and integrity of the service system.

  • A commitment to having a Strong and Diverse Provider Network is essential to providing continuity of care and quality services.

  • A commitment to Ingenuity in Research and Development is essential to assure innovation and state-of-the-art services.

  • To achieve our vision and enable true collaboration, it is imperative that the Leadership of all organizations be accessible, forthright and trustworthy.   


Mailing address: 2800 Riverside Parkway, Grand Junction, CO 81501
Telephone: (970) 245-2100
FAX: (970) 255-5714