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Can I Get Food Assistance?


Most low income households can get food assistance.



Below are some of the basic rules and a list of verification that you might need to bring to your interview.

Identity:  The identity of the person applying must be verified.  Identity may be verified through a variety of documents, including but not limited to, Department of Motor Vehicles ID or drivers license, work or school ID, voter registration card or birth certificate.


Citizenship Status: U. S. citizens and many non-citizens are eligible for the program. For a complete list of the special requirements for non-citizens, go to the USDA's website on immigrant policy. Even if some members of the household are not eligible, those who are may be able to get food assistance benefits.

Social Security Numbers: Everyone in the household that is applying for benefits must have or provide proof of application for a Social Security number.


Income: Under Food Assistance Program rules, almost all types of income are counted to determine if a household is eligible. Most households must have income at or below certain dollar limits before and after deductions are allowed. However, households in which all members are getting public assistance or SSI do not have to meet the income eligibility tests.



Household Size Maximum Gross Monthly Income Household Size Maximum Net Monthly Income
1 $1245 1 $958
2 $1681 2 $1293
3 $2116 3 $1628
4 $2552 4 $1963
5 $2987 5 $2298
6 $3423 6 $2633
7 $3858 7 $2968
8 $4294 8 $3303
Each Addl. +$436 Each Addl. +$335



You must provide proof of the income of all household members. Examples of proof include latest pay stubs or a statement from your employer, or benefit letters from Social Security, Veterans Administration, unemployment compensation, or pensions.


Deductions: After adding all of your household’s countable income, the food assistance worker will subtract certain deductions. The income after deductions must fall below a certain dollar amount for your household to get food assistance benefits. This dollar amount will depend on the number of people in your household.


Work Rules: All individuals who apply for food assistance in Colorado and who do not meet federal exemption criteria must register for work, accept an offer of suitable work and take part in the Employment First Program. The activities in the Employment First program include: workfare, adult basic education, GED preparation, literacy, college, vocational training, vocational rehabilitation, job search classes, and part-time work.



Examples of verification that you might need to bring to your interview.  

(These are examples only and the items may vary depending on your household.)


Proof of:

Driver’s License , ID Card, Birth Certificate or any
document that verifies your identity


Rental Agreement, Mortgage Statement, Driver’s License, Rent Receipt, Utility Bills

Social Security Number

Needed for all household members applying for food assistance or proof of application for a social security number.

Immigration Status
Legal Permanent Resident Card, I-94
Monthly Income

For all applying for food assistance

Paycheck Stubs(for the last 30 days), Benefit Award Letters from Social Security or Veteran's Assistance, Unemployment Insurance Check Stubs, Pension Information

Out-of-Pocket Child Care Expense
Cancelled Checks, Bills, Receipts
Court Ordered Child Support Payments Court Order, Stub with Garnished Wages
Monthly Shelter Costs

Lease or Mortgage Payment Book, Homeowner’s Insurance Bills, Proof of Property Taxes

Out-of-Pocket Medical Expenses If You are:

Elderly or Disabled



Click here for a printable check list.



Monthly Benefit Amount

Many factors are considered in determining your monthly allotment. If you meet all the eligibility rules, the Food Assistance worker will determine your monthly food assistance benefit allotment. This is based on the size of your household and your monthly net income after deductions. The chart below lists the MAXIMUM ALLOTMENT for each household size.


Effective November 2013  -  September 2014

Size of Household
Maximum Monthly Allotment
Each Additional Person


Click here for information on how to apply for Food Assistance.