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How Do I Apply?

How to apply and where to send your application


If you received LEAP last year and did not move a LEAP application packet will be mailed to you on or before November 1st. Please use the return business-reply envelope provided to you in the application packet.


If you did not receive the LEAP application in the mail please send your application to your county LEAP office.


You may also request an application packet by calling HEAT HELP at 1-866-432-8435, or you may print and complete the LEAP application  and enclose all other applicant documents to your county LEAP office.


County LEAP offices  have up to 50 calendar days to process all non-emergency LEAP applications. Typically county LEAP offices process these applications within 30-35 calendar days. 


LEAP is a mail-in program and county LEAP offices do not require or recommend that an applicant come to the county LEAP office.



LEAP cannot provide asistance for any type of temporary or portable heating source such as portable electric heaters or any portable fuel heater.


LEAP is not intended to pay the entire cost of home heating. If you are applying for assistance continue to pay your home heating bill.

If you have questions or we can be of further assistance, please send us an email