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Home Heating System Repair/Replacement

Help may be available through the Crisis Intervention Program (CIP). The CIP Program operates year-round and is primarily intended to assist LEAP eligible households with the repair or replacement of the home's primary heating system such as a furnace. You must be eligible for basic LEAP to qualify for CIP.


LEAP/CIP cannot provide asistance for any type of temporary or portable heating source such as portable electric heaters or any portable fuel heater.


Please call 855--4-MY-HEAT (1-855-469-4328) and ask for information about the CIP program and how to apply, or visit the web site at:



Maintenance and servicing of your heating system is not covered under the Crisis Intervention Program. These items would include filter changes, cleaning and lubricating. 

If you have questions or we can be of further assistance, please send us an email.