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PCard Audit Procedures

PCard Audit Procedures


All cardholders will be audited once every 18-24 months.  Cardholders that have recurring or serious violations will be audited more frequently.  When you receive an audit request email from the PCard Administrator, you must provide the following documentation to the PCard Administrator by the date requested:

  • Copies of signed and dated statements for the requested time period.  If you do not have transactions for the requested time period, please submit documentation for the two most recent months in which you do have transactions
  • Copies of all receipts for the requested time period, numbered and in order of how the charges appear on the statement
  • Copies of any prior approvals (i.e. OIT approval, training waiver, CCI waiver, Official Function forms, etc.)
  • Copies of any other completed violation forms (i.e. Certification of Lost Receipt, Reporting Violations Form, etc.)


Once audit is completed, you will receive an email with the audit results.  This email is sent to the Cardholder, Approving Official, Office Director and Procurement Director. 

  • If there are no violations for the requested time period, no response is required.
  • If there are violations for the requested time period, the following process must be followed:
    •  The Approving Official must respond to the audit results, in writing, within 10 days outlining the appropriate action taken to correct and prevent future violations
    • If no response is received within 10 days, a follow-up email may be sent to the Cardholder/Approving Official's Office Director indicating that a response has not been received
    • The cardholder's PCard may be suspended from further use until a response is received and action is taken to prevent future violations.
Serious and repetitive violations may result in card suspension, refresher training or other actions outlined in the PCard Policy Number VIII - 2.1 revised 1/05/2012.