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Human Resources

Human Resources
Nyle Boyd, Director
3550 W. Oxford Avenue
Denver, Colorado 80236


The Human Resources unit (HR) provides personnel services to the Colorado Division of Human Services (CDHS).

These include:

  • Recruitment and selection of job applicants

  • Creation and evaluation of positions

  • Listing of those eligible for hiring/promotion

The unit provides consultation regarding:

  • Personnel system rules

  • Employee performance, coaching and counseling

  • Employer/employee relations and disputes

HR also

  • Creates and maintains personnel records

  • Runs the data systems tracking employee information

  • Develops policies and procedures on employee benefits and Worker's Compensation Liability Insurance.

Staff can provide support and representation in situations such as litigation, entitlement disputes, audits, and compliance surveys.

HR works with the payroll department to ensure CHDS employees get paid correctly and on time.