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PCard Procedures, Links & Forms

About the Purchasing Card Program


The Purchasing Card program provides users the ability to make allowable, small dollar purchases for Department business.  All charges are the liability of the Department.  Some responsibilities of Cardholders include:

  • Activate the Card
  • Report Lost or Stolen Cards
  • Identify need for purchase
  • Make sure purchase is allowable under the Purchasing card rules and any grant terms that may apply
  • Order or purchase goods from the vendor using the Purchasing Card
  • Obtain an itemized receipt showing what was purchased
  • Verify charges on monthly statement
  • Note the purpose of purchase on each receipt or statement
  • If needed, reallocate the charge to the correct coding string
  • Have your Approving Official review and approve monthly Statement of Account
  • File all receipts and monthly statements for future reference and audit
    • NOTE: All receipts and statements must be kept for the current Fiscal Year, plus three years


Differences between Purchasing Card and a Personal Credit Card


This credit card is used basically as you would use a personal credit card.  However, as a corporate card, there are differences that you should be aware of:

  • The department is liable for all charges made on a card before that card is reported as lost or stolen to Citibank
  • There is no personal liability on the card unless the Cardholder violates the terms of card
  • Each card is excluded from specific vendor types such as travel vendors, vehicle vendors, access to cash, betting, lottery, etc.  Use the State Travel Card for all travel related purchases
  • Each card has limits that are specified by the Office for each cardholder
    • Single Purchase Limit
    • Cycle Purchase Limit
    • Transactions per Day
    • Transactions per Cycle
  • Cardholders and Approving Officials must review and sign monthly statement, acknowledging all charges are legitimate and allowable
  • The Purchasing Card process is monitored by Procurement and Accounting