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Records Retention

CDHS Records Retention and Destruction
CDHS Policy
Records Retention:

Identify a contact person to work with the Records Retention Manager.  Inventory information must be retained by type and number of years before destrucition.  Obtain a copy of statute, rule or federal rule, which mandates retention period before destruction.  Include copies of rules, regulations, statutes, etc., and where records are located.  Submit records request to the Records Retention Manager for the Department of Human Services.

Shredding:  Check Price Agreement for Authorized Vendors
HSB Guidelines
Records Retention and Destruction

Store any records to be retained in archive boxes only.  Boxes, control sheets, and/or labels may be ordered through Correctional Industries at 303-370-2165.  Label the contents of each box with archive label only.  You must include a tentative destroy date for future destruction.  Current Human Services policy states that the retention period is three years plus the current fiscal year unless under state statutes, federal statutes, litigation, or audit.  Prepare Control Sheets (describe contents).  Submit two copies plus the original Control Sheet to the Customer Service Unit. The Division should maintain a copy of the control sheet for future reference.


Access To Records

Records that are stored on the ground floor of 1575 Sherman may be accessed by calling 303-866-5700.  Only permanent records are stored at State Archives.  To access, view, or pull records from State Archives, you must obtain a memo from the program area Division Director giving permission to access any records.  The memo must be shown to State Archives in order to access the records.  However, if the Division submits names of staff authorized to access records, the memo will be on file at State Archives.


Destruction of Archive Records

A copy of the Archive Control Sheet is sent to your division requesting authorization to destroy unit records.  Written authorization is sent to State Archives.  State Archives returns destruction notices and billing sheets to the Customer Service Unit once the requested destruction is completed.  Customer Service will notify each division when records currently stored at 1575 Sherman destroy dates have been reached.  Division must grant written permission to destroy records first.  If records are to be maintained past the posted destruction date they need to be sent to State Archives. 


Shred-it comes once every four weeks.  Each division has a shredding bin.  There are additional shredding bins available for checkout and use, located on the ground floor.  Please contact the Customer Service Unit for checkout.   These bins will be billed back to the unit that uses them.  Please be prepared to provide COFRS codes upon return of the bin.