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General Information

Human Services Building (HSB) Information
Customer Service - 1575 Sherman Street
Building Access After Hours

After hours access is available through the Colorado State Patrol.  To receive a personal code you must complete a Building Orientation with the Customer Service Unit.  Upon completion you may go on-line to https://asack.state.co.us and complete the requested information.  After approval you will receive an email notifying you to log into your account to retrieve your access code.  These codes are unique to each employee and must not be shared with others.  The consequence of sharing an access code with another person will result in both parties losing after hours access privilege.  This code will allow after hours access to the building from the front and dock doors.


Building Maintenance

For emergencies (spills, toilets, toxic odors, broken windows, etc.), call 303-866-5700 or 303-866-4426.

Other maintenance services (cubicle reconfiguration, files, keys, repairs, etc.), email the Customer Service Manager with your request. 

Conference Rooms

The conference rooms are reserved using the Google calendar for 1575 Sherman.  Reservations must include contact name, number of attendees, and equipment needed.  For all others, please email Customer Service with your reservation request and Customer Service can arrange a room for you.

All conference rooms have telephones and some are also equipped with video conferencing capabilities.  You may make local or toll free calls from these rooms, long distance service is not available.   Please call the Customer Service Unit at 303-866-5700 with any questions.

Notify Customer Service of cancelled meetings immediately so that the room can be rescheduled if needed.

Conference rooms are not available to non-HSB employees before 8:30am or after 4:30pm due to security check-in procedures.  A checklist is available to ensure that conference rooms are left as they are found.

Note: Do not use the conference rooms without checking with Customer Service first!


Motor Pool Requests for HSB and Capitol Complex Area
  1. Complete vehicle request process at https://colorado.agilefleet.com/login.asp
  2. Pick up keys, gas card, and other pertinent information from the Motor Pool Kiosk outside of 1525 Sherman. If you need further assistance you can go to Room B-65.
  3. Pick up vehicle from Motor Pool lot at 1525 Sherman (next to 1575 Sherman in the alley).
  4. Log mileage at start and finish on mileage form.


Surplus Property
1575 Sherman Street holds a quarterly Surplus Run. These dates will be published in the 1575 News approximately one month before the pickup date.

Complete the Surplus Property Disposal Form, then contact Customer Service at 303-866-5700 regarding items for surplus and include your COFRS billing coding.  Customer Service will contact Correctional Industries to have items picked up.  In addition to the regular pick-up fee, items that Surplus considers unusable/unsalvageable will be assessed $20 per item.  Review the Surplus Property Disposal Policy  here.  Do not place items in the elevator lobbies as they are refuge areas for the mobility-impaired in the event of an emergency evacuation.


Telephone, pager, headsets, Audix, personnel roster (State DHS units that request to be included)

Submit a Telecommunications Work Order form via email to Customer Service to process.  Work orders must be approved electronically by APU.  Allow up to 10 working days for State Telecommunications to process.